"[...] the striving for freedom never died out in Russia, and over the centuries 
in each generation there have been people who devoted their lives to the struggle for freedom, and sacrificed their lives for freedom's sake."
Liudmila Alekseeva (1927-2018)

Welcome to Rights in Russia, a website providing news, views and reviews about human rights in the Russian Federation. 

News from Human Rights Groups in Russia

  • OVD-Info Weekly Bulletin No. 141: A police officer confesses, Jehovah’s Witnesses are beaten, and the Moscow Case continues 22 February 2020OVD-Info is a Moscow-based NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. Every Friday OVD-Info sends out a mailing with the latest news ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2020, 05:22 by Translation Service
  • Memorial Human Rights Centre: Yulia Tsvetkova is a political prisoner 11 February 2020Source: Memorial Human Rights CentreYulia Tsvetkova is being prosecuted because of her public stance and feminist views. Feminist and artist Yulia Svetkova, who lives in Komsomolsk ...
    Posted 17 Feb 2020, 07:24 by Rights in Russia
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Russia Advisory Committee ‎‎

  • Valery Borshchev: Police officers punished for exceeding their powers at rallies, but so no one noticed 17 February 2020Valery Borshchev is co-chair of the Moscow Helsinki GroupSource: Moscow Helsinki GroupThe National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have punished law enforcement ...
    Posted 24 Feb 2020, 10:22 by Translation Service
  • Boris Altshuler: Russia is on the threshold of a new Great Terror! What is to be done? 14 February 2020Boris Altshuler is chair of the board of the NGO Children’s Rights and a member of the Moscow Helsinki GroupSource: Moscow Helsinki GroupScientists and ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2020, 06:43 by Translation Service
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International Advisory Committee

  • Martin Dewhirst reviews Irina Flige's new book about Sandormokh, the notorious site of mass executions during the Stalinist terror 14 January 2020By Martin Dewhirst Martin Dewhirst reviews Irina Flige, Sandormokh: dramaturgiya smyslov (possible English translation: Sandarmokh: A Labyrinth of Meanings).  St. Petersburg, 'Nestor-Istoriya', 2019, 208 pp., 1 ...
    Posted 14 Jan 2020, 04:04 by Rights in Russia
  • Halya Coynash: Russia is destroying 16th Century Crimean Tatar Khan’s Palace in occupied Crimea 10 January 2017By Halya CoynashSource: Human Rights in UkraineThere are compelling grounds for fearing that Russia’s so-called ‘restoration work’ on the world-renowned Khan’s ...
    Posted 10 Jan 2018, 09:53 by Rights in Russia
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 We are not civil society. But we prepared the ground to enable civil society to emerge, and it has emerged." 

Arseny Roginsky (1946-2017)

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News of the Week

  • Week-ending 21 February 2020 Right to lifeBellingcat Says FSB Behind 2019 Berlin Killing Of Former Chechen Separatist Commander The investigative journalism group Bellingcat says a probe into the 2019 killing of a former ...
    Posted 24 Feb 2020, 11:26 by Translation Service
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  • Simon & Sergei: Human rights in Russia week-ending 21 February 2020 - with Yury Dzhibladze This week Simon and Sergei are joined by Yury Dzhibladze (pictured left), director of the Centre for Development of Democracy and Human Rights, based in Moscow. Yury has worked on ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2020, 13:55 by Translation Service
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  • Aleksandr Cherkasov: Verdict in the Network case - where the impossible is the norm 11 February 2020Aleksandr Cherkasov, chair of the board of Memorial Human Rights Centre and winner of a Moscow Helsinki Group prizeSource: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Ekho Moskvy ...
    Posted 24 Feb 2020, 11:19 by Translation Service
  • Genri Reznik: Unproven guilt is equivalent to proven innocence 14 February 2020Genri Reznik is a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, vice-president of the Russian Federal Bar Association and first vice-president of the Moscow City ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2020, 10:11 by Translation Service
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  • Genri Reznik: "In a sprint race such as this, people start to lose respect for the Constitution" 29 January 2020Genri Reznik, member of the Moscow Helsinki Group and of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, is a Soviet/Russian lawyer and Doctor of ...
    Posted 9 Feb 2020, 09:15 by Translation Service
  • Aleksandr Verkhovsky: The far-right movement has been routed. Repression will not get any worse, because there is no one left to repress 20 January 2020Below is an extract from an interview by 7x7 with Aleksandr Verkhovsky, director of the Sova Centre for Information and Analysis and an expert on the politics ...
    Posted 10 Feb 2020, 10:39 by Translation Service
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Our Events

  • Film Screening: The Right to Memory - a film about Arseny Roginsky. At Pushkin House on Tuesday 11 December at 18:30 On Tuesday, 11 December at 18:30, Pushkin Club and Rights in Russia present  the UK premiere of ‘The Right to Memory’ (directed by Ludmila Gordon), a new documentary about ...
    Posted 2 Dec 2018, 08:49 by Rights in Russia
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Our Videos

  • Pushkin Club and Rights in Russia hold discussion of trial of historian Yury Dmitriev [full version] On 19 December 2017 Pushkin Club and Rights in Russia held a joint event to discuss the trial of Yury Dmitriev, a Gulag researcher, who has been locating and exhuming ...
    Posted 21 Dec 2017, 09:54 by Rights in Russia
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