18 February 2014: Environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko begins serving a three-year sentence in prison

posted 18 Feb 2015, 05:16 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 18 Feb 2015, 05:20 ]
On 18 February 2014, environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko began serving a three-year prison term in a penal colony. In June 2012 he had been sentenced to a suspended sentence of three years for allegedly 'damaging the fence' around the dacha belonging to Aleksandr Tkachev, governor of Krasnodar region. The fence, according to environmentalists from North Caucasus Environmental Watch, had been put up illegally. The alleged damage consisted of the phrases 'Alex is a thief', and 'The Forest Belongs to Everyone'. On 20 December 2013 a court ruled that the suspended sentence should become a real term in prison on the grounds that Evgeny Vitishko had allegedly violated the conditions of the suspended sentence.

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