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Simon Cosgrove

Simon Cosgrove, who lives in Somerset in the United Kingdom, is currently chair of trustees. He led the work of Rights in Russia as director for eight years from its founding on 19 January 2010 until January 2018. Simon has many years' experience working on grantmaking programmes supporting human rights organizations in Russia - first with the European Commission and then with the US-based MacArthur Foundation. He has a PhD in Russian history from UCL and has also worked as a researcher for Amnesty International. Earlier in his career he trained as a high school teacher, working in schools in London and rural Zimbabwe. He continues to work in schools in Somerset. He is the author of Russian Nationalism and the Politics of Soviet Literature: the Case of Nash Sovremennik 1981-91 (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke & New York, 2004) and a number of articles and book reviews.