Jens Siegert: "Minor irritations for the regime, or significant opposition achievements?"

posted 3 Oct 2013, 07:56 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Oct 2013, 07:57 ]
26 September 2013

Jens Siegert

Source: Jens Siegert's Russia Blog Boell Foundation 

Following the Russian regional elections of 8 September, opposition candidates celebrated a couple of remarkable successes. The blogger and perhaps soon-to-be-prisoner Aleksei Navalny reached a respectable and rather unexpected 27 per cent in the Moscow mayoral election. The anti-drugs activist Evgeny Roizman has actually been elected mayor of the Urals city of Yekaterinburg, and the psychologist Galina Shirshina was elected mayor of Petrozavodsk. At first sight these successes may seem to be a positive change but insignificant in the light of the comprehensive successes of Kremlin’s United Russia party in all the other regional legislative assembly elections and eight gubernatorial elections that were held at the same time. Not much seems to have changed. Nearly everything has remained under the Kremlin’s control. So what’s all the fuss about? [Read more]