Jens Siegert: 'Natives, foreigners and native foreigners – the difficult task of coexistence in Russia'

posted 11 Nov 2013, 09:54 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Nov 2013, 02:10 ]
24 October 2013 

by Jens Siegert

Source: Russia Blog (Boell Foundation) 

The pattern is always the same. A “Russian” is killed somewhere in Russia by one or more persons of “non-Slavic” or alternatively “Southern”, “Caucasian” or “Central Asian” appearance, terms used widely by the public or even in official documents despite their intrinsic racism. In response, a disgruntled mob of “locals” make it known that they’ve finally had enough of foreigners and that it’s time to send them “home”. Demonstrations are held, followed by violent clashes, and shops and markets – the preferred stamping grounds of the “foreigners” – are laid to waste. [Read more]

Translated by Joanne Reynolds