Jens Siegert: A whirlwind tour of Sochi: prestige, self-aggrandisement, corruption, Viktor Erofeev and the White Sea Canal

posted 27 Nov 2013, 04:10 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Nov 2013, 04:13 ]
17 November 2013

By Jens Siegert 

Source: Russia Blog, Boell Foundation

The Sochi Winter Olympics will take place in less than three months, or in other words very soon, and yet I haven’t mentioned them at all on this blog. Having given the matter some thought, I’ve concluded that the reason behind this failing on my part is that I have too much to say on the issue rather than too little. I could write about Sochi and corruption, Sochi and the North Caucasus, Sochi, Abkhazia and Georgia, Sochi and the environment, Sochi and the way the Russian people are treated, Sochi as a security problem, Sochi as a national and personal prestige project, Sochi and the police state, Sochi as a form of national reassurance (which has the potential to go wrong), Sochi, Russia and doping and, of course, Sochi and sport. [Read more]