Jens Siegert: The Russian opposition is asking itself: What makes the opposition in Ukraine different from that in Russia?

posted 6 Dec 2013, 00:56 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Dec 2013, 00:58 ]
5 December 2013

By Jens Siegert

Source: Boell Foundation Russia Blog

The opposition in Ukraine is protesting. Meanwhile in Russia the opposition is wondering what makes Ukraine different (as, for example, Nikolai Klimenyuk here). How come a relatively small issue (from the Russian perspective, that is) brings hundreds of thousands onto the streets? How come the Prime Minister is quick to issue an apology and the President, sounding almost scared, declares that he is not to blame after the riot police has used force to disperse a rally, arresting a few dozen demonstrators? How come Ukrainians, unlike Russians, seem to treasure their freedom more than their daily bread? In short, how come Ukraine and the situation in Ukraine differs from Russia and the situation there? Let me try and get to the bottom of this. [Read more]