Jens Siegert: Putin the Victor

posted 27 Dec 2013, 01:10 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Dec 2013, 01:10 ]
19 December 2013 

by Jens Siegert 

Source: Jens Siegert’s Russia Blog 

A new development came to my attention for the first time at the Petersburg Dialogue held recently in Kassel, when a Russian participant in the Politics Working Group referred to “Putin’s three victories”. He meant his foreign policy victories: Snowden, Syria and Ukraine. Another participant added Iran to the list, and further examples followed. They were trying to say that Putin’s efforts have finally returned Russia to its place on the main stage of global politics, but they were also trying to remind their German counterparts that it would be a good idea, if not a downright necessity, to acknowledge this, grumble less, and follow Moscow’s lead more closely. [Read more]