Alekseeva, Gontmakher, and Sokolov write to Medinsky and Chaika concerning exhibition about myths of the Second World War

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3 December 2016

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Ekho Моskvy]

To: The chair of the Russian Military-History Society V. P. Medinsky; The Prosecutor General of the RF Yu. Ya. Chaika

Vladimir Rostislavovich!

The Russian Military-History Society, of which you are the chair, is the organizer of an exhibition, at present being shown in the Manezh, which is concerned with myths about the Second World War. The exhibition includes pointers, in the form of arrows on the floor, on which are written names of enemies of the people. The organizers’ idea is that visitors to the exhibition can then ‘tread on them with their feet’. Among the enemies of Russia, in addition to Hitler and Goebbels, the organizers have included the name Gozman. Given that during the Second World War there was no one with the name of Gozman among either the well-known figures in Nazi Germany or its allies, it seems likely that the organizers of the exhibition have in mind Leonid Gozman, a well-known politician, public figure and member of the Committee for Civic Initiatives.

In this connection we demand that:

The name of Leonid Gozman, without delay, is deleted from the names relating to enemies of the people.

The Russian Military-History Society issues a public apology to Leonid Yakovlevich.

We also request the Prosecutor General of the RF to provide a legal opinion on whether the aforementioned item in the exhibition comes under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the RF, ‘Incitement of hatred or hostility, and the affront to human dignity’, and to take appropriate action in accordance with the law.

Chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group Liudmila Alekseeva

Member of the Committee for Civic Initiatives Evgeny Gontmakher

Chair of the Council of the Free Historical Society
Nikita Sokolov

Translated by Mary McAuley