Liudmila Alekseeva: To Tatyana Moskalkova on her birthday

posted 4 Jun 2018, 10:40 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Jun 2018, 10:43 ]

30 May 2018 

By Liudmila Alekseevna, chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group 

Today is the birthday of Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian Federation’s Ombudsperson for Human Rights.

When Tatyana Nikolaevna was elected to the post by the Duma, she really knew little of the human rights activists and, at the time, I was doubtful that she could carry out the responsibilities of the Human Rights Ombudsperson in an appropriate way. But she quickly showed that to a remarkable degree she is well fitted for what is a very difficult position.

Tatyana Nikolaevna Moskalkova works, one can say, without sparing herself, and works very effectively: she knows how to talk to all kinds of leading officials in the penitentiary service, in the prosecutor's office, in the police, and so on, and she is more successful in defending citizens’ rights than were her predecessors.

Thanks to her, not only was Ildar Dadin acquitted but, and this was almost unbelievable, so was Yury Dmitriev, chair of the Karelian Memorial society. Although the charge of child pornography was absurd, Dmitriev faced the threat of a long prison sentence, and Tatyana Nikolaevna saved him. I cannot list all the successes of Tatyana Nikolaevna Moskalkova, the Russian Ombudsperson – there are too many.

I am convinced that one should support someone occupying such a difficult post for each of their good deeds and, if the individual works as selflessly as does Tatyana Nikolaevna, all the more so.

Good health, and persistence, to you, Tatyana Nikolaevna, in our joint endeavour to defend human rights in Russia. Unless basic human rights and freedoms are upheld, our country cannot be considered to be a democratic state, based on the rule of law.

Translated by Mary McAuley