Lev Ponomarev: Russia, it’s time to put a stop to arbitrary rule! - Rally in Moscow on 10 June

posted 18 Jun 2018, 11:10 by Rights in Russia
4 June 2018

On 10 June 2018, in the run-up to Russia Day, a protest rally will be held against the widespread infringement of citizens’ rights and freedoms in Moscow on Sakharov Prospect.

All should gather at 12 o’clock at the intersection of Kalanchevskaya and Masha Poryvaeva streets (nearest metro Komsomolskaya). The rally begins at 13.00.

· If you want to live in a country where there are no political prisoners

· If you are concerned about the impunity of law enforcement agencies who practice beatings and torture

· If you want to live in a city without rubbish dumps where your children can breathe clean air

· If you are fighting against the demolition of your home, the destruction of your park, or against in-filling building projects

· If you hate the corruption, lies, and double-dealing of the servamts of the authorities

· If you support social justice

· If you are against censorship and blocking internet access

· If you want Russia to be a country of Freedom, and not a country of slaves