Public Appeal in Cases of Akimenkov and Kosenko

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27 December 2012

Lev Ponomarev (from the blog Free Space

Source: Echo of Moscow 

Public Appeal by members of the Moscow Public Commission for Interaction with the Judiciary to Olga Egorova, chair of Moscow City Court 

To: Olga Aleksandrovna Egorova, Chair of Moscow City Court, 8 Bogorodsky Val, 107076 Moscow

We ask that this appeal be considered not as an attempt to exert influence on the court, but rather as a plea for the court to be allowed to make rulings strictly in accordance with the law, based on unconditional adherence to the code of criminal procedure, as well as the principles of humanity and fairness, giving priority to the human rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. We have decided to write to you because the fate of two critically ill ‘Bolotnaya Square prisoners’ rests with Moscow City Court. [Read more]