Lev Ponomarev: Teatr.doc - appeal to Sobyanin (Ekho Moskvy)

posted 29 Oct 2014, 14:22 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 29 Oct 2014, 14:33 ]
27 October 

By Lev Ponomarev, director of For Human Rights, member of Moscow Helsinki Group 

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group

Original source: Ekho Moskvy

I am certain that most readers of Ekho Moskvy know about the existence of Teatr.doc and consider it to be a significant part of the theatre world. Each new play that Teatr.doc puts on is an event in the cultural life of Moscow, and even in that of Russia, because they deal with events that are part of public and political life and are important for all of us. Despite the fact that the performances are put on in a small, underground space, there has been no loss of interest in the theatre. Performances by Teatr.doc have themselves become public events.

Let me cite just the names of a few of the theatre’s plays to give an impression of the kind of work which this small and bold creative troupe are producing: ‘150 reasons to defend the Motherland’ (about the fall of Constantinople and seven strategies of surviving in a time of change), ‘BerlusPutin’ (a Russian adaptation of a play by the outstanding Italian playwright Dario Fo), ‘Two-headed Anomaly', ‘VyatLag’, ‘Tolstoi - Stolypin. A private correspondence’. In addition, the theatre works to support prisoners – donating the money received from the sales of the tickets for the play ‘VyatLag’ to support prisoners' welfare. I first found out about the theatre when I watched a play about the events surrounding the exhibition at the Sakharov Centre, ‘Forbidden Art’.

Teatr.doc is being roughly thrown out into the streets. For Human Rights, the NGO of which I am director, experienced a similar situation when my colleagues and I were, literally, dragged out into the street from our offices on Maly Kislovsky Perulok. I know how unjust and humiliating this is and how important public support is in such circumstances.

The situation around Teatr.do was one of the issues discussed at the recent Congress of the Intelligentsia, at which it was decided to issue an appeal to Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The appeal is still open for signing at the website of the Congress of the Intelligentsia: https://nowarcongress.com/petitions/232/.

Source: Ekho Moskvy, 27 October 2014