Lev Ponomarev: Appointing Mizulina as children’s ombudsperson would be yet another completely insane action by our authorities

posted 15 Jul 2016, 09:40 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Jul 2016, 09:47 ]
11 July 2016

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Ekho Moskvy]

By Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the movement For Human Rights and a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group

People have been phoning and asking me to comment on the possibility of Elena Mizulina’s appointment to the position of Children’s Rights Ombudsperson.

I wasn’t sure if it’s worth commenting on this at all. However, since I was asked, I can only say one thing. Appointing Mizulina would be yet another completely insane action by our authorities. No more and no less. A worthy follow up to Yarovaya-Ozerov law.

Mizulina’s appointment as Children’s Rights Ombudsperson will perpetuate the war declared against civil society and the remnants of humanity that still exist in the field of children’s rights in Russia, and against common sense itself.

Is it unexpected? Not really.

Is it possible? Very much so.

I’m not going to exaggerate. Frankly we won’t see mass arrests and resurrection of the GULAG immediately following Mizulina’s appointment as Children’s Rights Ombudsperson. But they are already on the horizon.

Children will be arrested for “failing to inform the authoriteis” and for “riots” under the Yarovaya-Ozerov law. The scum, who already use beatings as "punishment" and carry out "corrective" rapes of children with the "wrong" sexual orientation, will have their actions justified.

And finally, Mizulina will definitely not allow the international adoption ban, known as the Dima Yakovlev law, to be relaxed or scrapped.