Lev Ponomarev: Bolotnaya - 5 Years on. For Russia, Against Arbitrary Rule and Repression. On the Rally of 6 May

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2 May 2017

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Facebook]

By Lev Ponomarev, leader of the movement For Human Rights, member of the Moscow Helsinki Group

On 6 May a protest rally dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the “Bolotnaya Case” will take place on Sakharov Prospect (inside the Garden Ring). The rally has been sanctioned by the authorities. It begins at 1 PM.

The members of the demonstration organizing committee are: Liudmila Alekseeva, Liya Akhedzhakova, Garri Bardin, Valery Borshchev, Vladimir Voinovich, Dmitry Gudkov, Vladimir Korshunsky, Oksana Mysina, Irina Prokhorova, Yury Ryzhov, Georgy Satarov, Zoya Svetova, Andrei Smirnov, Natalya Fateeva, Marietta Chudakova.

Those who formally submitted the application to the authorities for the rally are: Lev Ponomarev, Mikhail Shneider, Aleksandr Ryklin, Sergey Sharov-Delone, Leonid Gozman, Gennady Gudkov, Sergei Davidis.

Five years ago, on 6 May 2012, tens of thousands of Muscovites turned out on Bolotnaya Square to protest the election of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. The demonstration was brutally dispersed, and more than twenty persons were unlawfully detained, convicted and sentenced to several years each of imprisonment.

On 2 May 2017, protest organizers received a document with the signature of the assistant director of the Moscow Department of Regional Security Vasily Oleinik on permission for the demonstration of 6 May.

"On the recommendation of the Vice-Mayor of Moscow, in the city government, A. N. Gorbenko, I hereby inform you of permission to hold a public rally with the aim of drawing the attention of the public, the Moscow city government, and the country, to the inadmissibility of neglecting the foundations of the constitutional order and human and civil rights and freedoms set forth in chapters I and II of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and also to express your opinion on basic, current socio-political problems of contemporary Russia. The public mass-meeting is to take place 6 May 2017 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (assembly beginning at 12:00) on the roadway of the inner side of Academician Sakharov Prospect, in the portion from Sadovaya-Spasskaya St. to Bulvarnoe Ring, with a tribune set up opposite Building no. 7, with up to 10, 000 participants.

"I remind you of the necessity of fulfilling Art. 5 of the Federal Law of 19.-06.2004 no. 54-FZ “On gatherings, protests, demonstration, rallies, and picketing,” the observance of public order and personal responsibility for violating it, in accordance with legislation currently in force."

[From the scanned document] 

Translations by Mark Nuckols