Georgy Satarov: A Signature that is both Sentence and Diagnosis

posted 6 Jan 2013, 14:03 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Jan 2013, 14:20 ]
29 December 2012

By Georgy Satarov 

Source: Ezhednevnyi Zhurnal 

The Russian government, as embodied above all in the person who has seized the position of president in our country, celebrated the occasion of the penultimate working day before the New Year (which in the new millennium has the symbolic number 13) in style. The President signed a law which strikes a fatal blow against the most disadvantaged of groups - abandoned children, whilst the judge in the Magnitsky case issued a verdict stating that there were no guilty parties in the murder case of Sergei Magnitsky left. It was clumsily orchestrated. The signatures of Putin and the judge mark the issuing of a licence to murder us, Russian citizens, with impunity - from helpless children to principled lawyers that denounce the thieves for whom Putin - and the judge - cover up; from elderly women run over on pedestrian crossings by luxury cars driven by police officers, prosecutors and other high-ranking thieves, to entrepreneurs thrown out of windows. We are all potential victims of killings that go unpunished, whether they have already happened or are still to come, whether intentional or accidental, whether motivated by drunkenness, greed or unbridled showing off. This is the current state of our government, consecrated with two signatures. [Read more]