Natalia Taubina on Torture in Russia: 'Unfortunately these good initiatives did not lead to positive changes in practice'

posted 13 Nov 2012, 12:12 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 13 Nov 2012, 12:17 ]
9 November 2012 

‘This Alternative Report, prepared by a coalition of Russian NGOs, covers various aspects of the way our country fulfils its obligations, as laid down by the Convention against Torture. This concerns the use of torture by the police; the situation in penal institutions; the problem of institutionalised bullying; and other forms of cruel, humiliating practices within the army. The report also deals with psychiatric institutes and the problems there of cruel treatment, and the absence of appropriate methods of oversight over compulsory treatment; the absence of effective investigations into all these crimes; and the absence of rehabilitation procedures for victims. Immediately after the previous report had been reviewed in November 2006, the Russian Federation adopted a series of legislative and regulatory measures aimed at improving the situation; unfortunately these good initiatives did not lead to positive changes in practice. Take the creation by the Investigating Committee of a special subdivision with the task of investigating crimes by officials, for example. This did not lead to any reduction in torture by the police.’ 

- Natalia Taubina on the Alternative Report submitted by a coalition of Russian NGOs to the UN Committee Against Torture.

- from 'Human Rights Defender Natalia Taubina on the UN, the Alternative Report and Torture in Russia,', 9 November 2012
[a republication of an original interview by Radio Liberty]

Natalia Taubina lives in Moscow and is director of the Public Verdict Foundation