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For blogs in Russian, an excellent list can be found on the website at: Блоги (сетевые дневники) российских правозащитников. This list of links to blogs has been collected by Artyom Marchenkov.
For an English version of the list of Russian-language blogs, with a number of additions, see below:

Ira Aksenova, Voronezh, Youth Human Rights Movement, International Institute of Dragonology
Ludmila Alekseeva, chair, Moscow Helsinki Group

German Aletkin, director, Centre for Peace-Building and Human Rights, Kazan
Anna, Youth Human Rights Movement, Moscow
Konstantin Baranov, Youth Human Rights Movement, Rostov-on-Don
Zoya Barzakh, St. Petersburg, journalist writing on human rights themes, philologist, teacher
Yulia Bashinova, Youth Human Rights Movement, Legal Team, For Human Rights (Moscow)
Elena Bazhenova, Coordinating System, Interregional Human Rights Group, Youth Human Rights Movement, Vladimir
Vsevolod Bederson, Perm Civic Chamber
Andrei Blinushov, Ryazan, Moscow, Memorial, editor

Anton Burkov, PhD in law (candidate of legal science), LLM in international law, University of Essex, PhD student at Cambridge University, lawyer, programme coordinator of the Sutyazhnik Urals Centre of Constitutional and International Human Rights Protection
Maksim Burmitskii, Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Center for Legal Assistance "Citizen and Army", South Siberian Human Rights Centre, Human Rights Education Youth Network , human rights defender, trainer in human rights
Elena Burtina, Civic Assistance
Andrei Cheremnykh, Voronezh, Nizhnii Novgorod, Youth Human Rights Movement -  
Gennady Chernyavsky, International Society of Human Rights (St. Petersburg), For Human Rights (Moscow), Committee for Civic Rights (St. Petersburg)
Sergei Davidis, Anti-War Club, Moscow
Stanislav Dmitrievskii, Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, chief editor Russian-Chechen News Agency
Stasya Denisov, Youth Human Rights Movement, Etnika, Krasnodar
Dmitry Dubrovsky, teacher of human rights and director of the Human Rights Programme, Smolnyi Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg State University
Elena Dudukina, Voronezh, Vladimir, Youth Human Rights Movement, Trade Union of People of Letters
Yurii Dzhibladze, director, Centre for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights
Aleksandr Eisman, Memorial, historian

Liubov Ele, lawyer at the Kaluga section of For Human Rights, coordinator of the projects of the Moscow Helsinki Group in Kaluga region
Irina Ezhova, Voronezh, Youth Human Rights Movement
Sergei Fedunov, Youth Human Rights Movement, Voronezh
Nikolai Gladkikh, Memorial, journalist, philologist (PhD)
Olga Gnezdilova, Voronezh, Youth Human Rights Movement 
Natalya Gorbanevskaya, Paris, author and editor of many issues of Chronicle of Current Affairs, poet, translator, journalist, dissident, human rights defender
Masha Gordeeva, Voronezh, Vladimir, Youth Human Rights Movement, Free University
Lidiya Grafova, Forum of Migrants' Organizations
Mark Grigoryan, journalist
Vika Gromova, Voronezh, Vladimir, Youth Human Rights Movement, Legal Team, GROZA 
Heritage Russia, Representative office of the Heritage Foundation in Russia, headed by Evgeny Volkov
Maksim Ivantsov, St. Petersburg, Youth Human Rights Movement

Elena Kaluzhskaya (Sara Khanzharova), journalist, Izbrannoe -
Vadim Karastelev, Novorossiisky Human Rights Committee
Anna Karetnikova, Moscow, Anti-War Club, editor of the site, lawyer, writer (member of the Union of Journalists of sthe Russian Federation), Memorial
Poel Karp, sociologist, poet, ballet critic, St. Petersburg
Olga Kazarina, Youth Human Rights Movement, Voronezh, Vladimir
Sasha Khlebostroeva, Youth Human Rights Movement, Lvov, Voronezh
Dmitry Kolbasin, head of the information department, Agora Interregional Human Rights Association, Kazan
Tatyana Kosinova, cofounder, member of the board and staff member of Memorial (St. Petersburg), journalist (, Novaya Polsha)
Galina Kozhevnikova, Sova Centre
Aleksei Kozlov, Voronezh, GROZA, Legal Team, philosopher
Irina Kozlovskikh, Youth Human Rights Movement, Nizhnii Novgorod
Oleg Kozlovsky, Coordinator of the Russian youth activist organization Defence (Oborona)
Oleg Kozyrev, writer, scriptwriter
Mikhail Kriger, Moscow, For Human Rights 
Dmitry Kraiukhin, "United Europe" (Orel) - Дмитрий Краюхин,
Adi Kuntsman, PhD (Russian doctoral dissertation) in sociology and anthropology, researcher in sexuality and homophobia, racism and interethnic conflicts, feminist, human rights defender
Aleksandr Lashmankin, correspondent of the Freedom Samara Human Rights New Agency
Natalia Likvintseva, translator, staff member of the Russian Life Abroad Foundation, head of the seminar "Our Time is Not Yet Understood...the Twentieth Century and its Understanding in Russian Culture Abroad"
Ruslan Linkov, journalist, Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, St. Petersburg 
Tatiana Lokshina, Moscow, Human Rights Watсh
Amanda Lövkvist, Youth Human Rights Movement, Stockholm, Sweden
Dmitrii Makarov, Moscow, Orel, Youth Human Rights Movement, Moscow Helsinki Group, GROZA, Legal Team
Artem Marchenkov, Youth Human Rights Movement, Perm Civic Chamber, Rome, Vladimir
Memorial - news about Memorial's projects, including about Memorial's programme "History of Dissent in the USSR"

Ernest Mezak, Memorial, Syktyvkar
Aleksandr Mnatsakanyan, Moscow, Demos
Andrei Naletov, Moscow, Anti-War Committee, Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners
Ivan Ninenko, Moscow, Youth Human Rights Movement, GROZA, Legal Team
Asmik Novikova, Moscow, Public Verdict Foundation, Demos, sociologist
Natalia Novozhilova, journalist, author of human rights and anti-fascist publications, Vladimir
Alena Obezdchikova, Voronezh, Youth Human Rights Group, Youth Human Rights Movement
Anastasiya Ovsyannikova, Moscow, journalist, expert on the project "The Future of Human Rights in Russia"
Oleg Panfilov, Moscow, director of the Centre for Journalism in Extreme Situations
Elena Panfilova, Transparency International, Moscow
Masha Parmanova, Moscow, Youth Human Rights Movement, Legal Team, Demos
Elena Pershakova, Perm Civic Chamber
Igor Petrov, coordinator, Russian LGBT network
Aleksandr Podrabinek, Moscow, editor Prima News (
Sergei Ponomarev, Perm Civic Chamber, Grani Centre, Youth Memorial (Perm)
Ruslan Porshnev, Moscow, moderator ru_antidogma, LGBT activist 
Arya Prisheltseva, GROZA, Youth Human Rights Movement, Voronezh
Public Verdict Foundation

Ekaterina Rakhmanova, Russian Law Academy (St. Petersburg section), lawyer 
Elena Rasskazova, Lugansk, Youth Human Rights Movement
Yuly Rybakov, St. Petersburg Human Rights Council, human rights defender, politician
Sergei Sabanov, Youth Human Rights Movement, Voronezh
David Sandukhchyan (Armenia), lawyer, director of the Centre of Information Politics and Law, Internews Armenia, expert of the group of specialists on human rights at the Council of Europe
Izabella Sarkisyan, Erevan, Armenian Committee of the Helsinki Civic Assembly,Sksela Movement, Master of Theology and MSc Human Rights
Igor Sazhin, Memorial, Syktyvkar
Tanya Serpukhova, Voronezh, Interregional Human Rights Group, Youth Human Rights Movement
Viktoria Shmidt, doctorate student at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, former dean of the faculty of social management of Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences
Ivan Shvets, Etnika, Youth Human Rights Movement, Krasnodar

Valerii Silantev, LGBT-service «Nuntiare et Recreare»
Anna Talisman, social worker, researcher in public health care, editor of the website, coordinator of the Russian Forum Against Homophobia in Israel, feminist, human rights defender
Natalia Taubina, director, Public Verdict Foundation
Telestra the Scythian, Scythian National Congress
Elena Tonkacheva, Foundation for the Development of Legal Technologies, Youth Human Rights Movement, Minsk
Natalia Tsymbalova, Strategiya, St. Petersburg, manager of the Ombudsman and Human Rights programme
Aleksandr Verkhovskii, Moscow, director of the Sova Centre
Evgeny Volkov, head of Heritage Russia, Representative office of the Heritage Foundation in Russia
Nikolai Zboroshenko, Moscow, Legal Team

Natalia Zviagina, Voronezh, Legal Team