September 2012

UMIROV v. RUSSIA, 18 September 2012 
Holds unanimously that the applicant’s extradition to Uzbekistan would be in breach of Article 3 of the Convention; Decides unanimously to continue to indicate to the Government under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court that it is desirable in the interests of the proper conduct of the proceedings not to extradite the applicant until such time as the present judgment becomes final or until further order. 

SERGEY SOLOVYEV v. RUSSIA, 25 September 2012 
A violation of Article 5 § 1 (c). 

STEPANOV v. RUSSIA, 25 September 2013
A violation of Article 5 § 1 (c) in respect of the applicant’s pre-trial detention from 27 March to 10 May 2006.