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Week-ending 21 May 2010

Moscow rally ban

LGBT parades

Protest at Mezhdurechensk

Protest over toxic spill

Court dismisses Stalin suit

Court rejects suit against Gryzlov

Opposition activist fined

Concern for blogger

Medvedev meets rights defenders

Reports say abductee tortured

Pro-Western forces accused

Khodorkovsky’s appeal rejected

Death in pre-trial detention
Freedom of assembly
Moscow city authorities again ban a rally in defence of freedom of assembly in the city on 31 May. (, 19/5)

LGBT activists plan to hold Gay Parades in Moscow on 29/5 and in St. Petersburg in May 2011. (, 17/5)

On 16/5 protestors in Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region, demanded President Medvedev free 28 demonstrators arrested at a rally on 14/5, and meet other miners’ demands. (, 16/5)

About 3,000 residents of Tuapse, Krasnodar region, rallied in protest against a toxic fertilizer spill on 15/5 that caused respiratory problems. (The Moscow Times, 19/5)

Freedom of expression
Moscow’s Presnensky District Court rejected (17/5) a defamation suit lodged in December 2009 by Evgeny Dzhugashvili over a statement on Echo of Moscow radio that Stalin introduced capital punishment by shooting for children aged 12. (, 17/5)

On 20/5 a Moscow court threw out a defamation lawsuit against State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov over his accusations made on 2/4 that a Moskovsky Komsomolets columnist and a Vedomosti news report sided with terrorists. (The Moscow Times, 21/5)

A district court in Orel city fined Mikahil Deev, an activist with the political opposition, RUB 200,000 for participating in an extremist group and inciting hatred. (, 21/5)

On 16/5 human rights defenders expressed concern for the well-being of Alexei, or Alaudin, Dudko, 39, a blogger at, detained on 4/5 in Moscow by FSB officers. (The Moscow Times, 17/5)

North Caucasus
On 19/5 President Medvedev met human rights defenders and members of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights to discuss the North Caucasus. (Kommersant, 20/5)

According to reports, a young man from Grozny, abducted on 13/5 by unidentified law enforcement officers, was released the same day, brutally beaten and tortured. (, 17/5)

The Prosecutor General's Office said pro-West forces encourage terrorism. (Vedomosti , 18/5; The Moscow Times, 19/5)

Pre-Trial Detention
On 21/5 Moscow city court rejected an appeal by Mikhail Khodorkovsky against extension of his pre-trial detention. On 19/5 he had ended a two-day hunger strike in protest at the initial ruling. (The Moscow Times, 19/5, BBC Russian, 21/5)

Andrei Safronov, convicted by a Moscow court of illegal drug dealing, died in Pre-trial Detention Centre No. 4. (, 17/5)
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