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Week-ending 7 May 2010

Medvedev says no  billboards of Stalin

Alekseeva’s attacker sentenced

Investigation into death in pre-trial detention

Browder on Magnitsky’s death

No to ethnicity in passports

Compensation for unreasonable time

Putin and Kadyrov ‘oppressors of freedom’

Dymovsky loses defamation appeal

Protestors detained

Statistics on hate crime
President Medvedev said no billboards with images of Stalin would be displayed in Russia; Stalin’s crimes could not be forgiven; and most documents in Russia's military archives should be declassified. (Izvestiya; BBC Russian, 7/5)

Human rights defenders
On 5/5 a Moscow district court gave a one-year suspended sentence to Konstantin Pereverzev, who struck human rights defender Ludmila Alekseeva during commemorations for victims of the 29/3 suicide bombings. (The Moscow Times, 6/5)

Judicial system
On 1/5 President Medvedev ordered an investigation into the 30/4 death in pre-trial detention of Vera Trifonova, accused of attempted fraud. On 4/5 an investigation was opened into the role of investigator Sergei Pysin. Members of the Public Chamber called (5/5) for the dismissal of the judge who sanctioned the detention. (, 5/5; The Moscow Times, 4/5)

William Browder, head of Hermitage Capital, alleged the prosecution and death of the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was linked to his role as a witness against corrupt law enforcement officers who stole RUB 5.4bn from the government. (, 7/5)

The Constitutional Court dismissed a complaint against the absence of ‘ethnicity’ in Russian passports, ruling ethnicity has no legal meaning with regard to citizenship. (, 4/5)

President Medvedev signed into force a law that a citizen may sue for compensation if the length of a trial or implementation of a court decision exceeds a reasonable time. (, 3/5)

Freedom of expression
On World Press Freedom Day (3 May) the NGO Reporters without Borders published a list of 40 ‘oppressors of freedom of expression’ that includes Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. (BBC Russian, 3/5)

Krasnodar regional court dismissed an appeal by ex-police major Aleksei Dymovsky against a court defamation ruling that he pay RUB 100,000 and apologise to police officials. (, 6/5)

Ten participants in a pedestrian flashmob protesting against the use of flashing blue lights by government officials were detained in Moscow (2/5) by police on grounds the demonstration had no official permission. (, 2/5)

Hate crimes
According to Sova Centre, since the start of 2010, 15 people have died as a result of racist and xenophobic attacks in Russia, and at least 103 have been injured. (, 1/5)