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Week-ending 1 October 2010

Investigative Committee

Investigation into Estemirova killing

Komi police detain rights defender

Seven people abducted in Chechnya

Demo for direct elections of mayor

First gay rights rally gets official sanction

Udaltsov acquitted for organizing demo

Party banned from boycotting election

ODIHR criticizes Russia, calls for election monitoring

Investigations into deaths of journalists

First official fired over income declaration
Justice system
On 27/9 President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree separating the Investigative Committee from the Prosecutor General's Office. (The Moscow Times, 28/9)

Human rights defenders
Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin said on 28/9 investigators have identified the gunman who killed Natalya Estemirova in July 2009 but gave no details about the identity or motives of the suspect. (The Moscow Times, 29/9)

According to reports, police in Komi detained almost all members of the board of Komi Memorial on the eve of Prime Minister Putin’s visit to the Republic. (, 28/9)

Memorial Human Rights Centre reported that security forces abducted seven people from the village of Davydenko, Achkhoi-Martan district, on 24/9. (, 29/9)

Right of assembly
The largest officially permitted demonstration in recent years of up to 3,000 people took place on 25/9 in Moscow and called for direct elections for Moscow mayor. (, 27/9)

On 1/10 gay rights activists held the first gay rights street protest sanctioned by City Hall, picketing the office of a Swiss airline they believe mistreated their leader. (The Moscow Times, 3/10)

Moscow’s Tverskaya district court acquitted Sergei Udaltsov, on trial for organizing the Day of Anger demonstration in Moscow on 12/9 that had no official sanction. (, 27/9)

Electoral rights
On 29/9 the Central Elections Commission banned the Communist Party from boycotting the 10/10 legislative vote in the Krasnodar region. (The Moscow Times, 30/9)

Janez Lenarcic, director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, criticized Russia for breaking up demonstrations and said the ODIHR wished to monitor Russia's next elections “without any restrictions.” (Kommersant 1/10)

Media rights
On 30/9 the Investigative Committee said probes have been reopened into the deaths of five journalists after it received new information from the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. (The Moscow Times, 30/9)

President Dmitry Medvedev fired a first official (Major General Viktor Gaidukov of the Defence Ministry) for providing false information about his earnings. (The Moscow Times, 30/9)
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