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Week-ending 8 October 2010

Bastrykin to head new Investigative Committee

Man charged in Politkovskaya killing

Jehovah’s witness charged over blood transfusion

Conviction of Samodurov and Erofeev upheld

Ruling re pre-trial detention of Solopov

Unlawful ban 

No foreign travel for non-payers of alimony

Igor Sazhin detained, questioned

Proposals for police bill from HR Commission

Illegal detention in Groznyi

Dagestan: suspected disappearance 
Prosecutors / Investigations
President Medvedev signed a decree appointing Aleksandr Bastrykin, until now head of the Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor's Office, chair of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. (Kommersant , 5/10)

As a result of a second investigation into the killing of Anna Politkovskaya, the Investigative Committee again charged former Moscow police major Sergei Khadzhikurbanov with organizing her murder. (Kommersant, 8/10)

A Jehovah’s Witness member has been charged with failing to assist a person in danger over her refusal to allow her son, Ilya Orlukovich, 11, to receive a blood transfusion that might have prevented his death in August. (The Moscow Times, 8/10)

Moscow City Court confirmed on appeal the verdict in the trial of Yury Samodurov and Andrei Erofeev, organizers of the Forbidden Art 2006 exhibition, earlier convicted by Tagansky district court of inciting religious hatred. (, 4/10)

Moscow region court ruled unlawful the extension of pre-trial detention of Maksim Solopov, accused of organizing the attack on Khimki town hall on 28/7, by Khimki court. (, 8/10)

A St. Petersburg court ruled the ban on a Gay March planned for 26 June 2010 was unlawful. (, 7/10)

Artur Parfenchikov, head of the Federal Service of Court Marshals, said about 52,000 non-payers of alimony have been barred from leaving Russia this year. (The Moscow Times, 6/10)

Igor Sazhin, chair of Komi Memorial, was detained by police at St. Petersburg airport and told he is on a list of extremists and must explain where he is travelling and why. (, 6/10)

The Kremlin’s human rights Commision sent (6/10) proposals to amend the police bill to President Medvedev, calling for a leaner police force, higher salaries for officers and regular meetings of police with the public. (The Moscow Times, 7/10)

North Caucasus
Memorial Human Rights Centre reported that Said-Arbi Mazhaevich Tsuraev was unlawfully detained on 15/9/10 in Achkhoi-Martan by law enforcement officers. He is currently at a pre-trial detention centre in Groznyi. (, 5/9)

Memorial Human Rights Centre reported Ali Aliev was detained by armed men believed to be law enforcement officers on 26/9 in Khetokh, Tsuntinsky district, Dagestan. His whereabouts are unknown. (, 4/10)