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Week-ending 7 December 2012

Journalist killed

Alekhina in jail 

Dmitrievsky book faces ban 

UK art extremist? 

New law restricts 
free speech 

Kopeisk staff may 
be punished

Prison reform 

ECtHR requests information


Sova Centre 

Sexual abuse 
of children

Few jobs for people with disabilities 

Bill passes Senate 
Freedom of expression 
Kazbek Gekkiyev, newsreader at a state-run TV channel in Kabardino-Balkaria, was shot dead on 5/12. (The Guardian, 6/12) 

Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina faces disciplinary action for failing to get up on time in prison. (The Moscow Times, 6/12)

On 5/12 Human Rights First condemned the attempt of the Russian government to ban as extremist publication of a monograph “International Tribunal for Chechnya” by rights defender Stanislav Dmitrievsky. (Human Rights First, 5/12)

Russian prosecutors launched an investigation into whether an installation by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman exhibited at St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum is in breach of extremism laws. (The Independent, 7/12) 

Amnesty International said a bill to punish "promotion of homosexuality among minors” would violate the right to freedom of expression of LGBTI people. (Amnesty International, 7/12)

On 4/12 Chelyabinsk chief prosecutor Vladimir Turbanov said staff at Kopeisk’s Penal Colony No. 6 should be "punished" for "gross legal violations." (The Moscow Times, 5/12) 

On 4/12 deputy head of the Federal Prison Service Eduard Petrukhin said a large-scale prison reform carried out by his body was a failure. (The Moscow Times, 4/12) 

Leonid Razvozzhaev 
The European Court of Human Rights has asked Russia and Ukraine to provide information about the case against opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev. (The Moscow Times, 3/12) 

A lawyer acting for Leonid Razvozzhaev has given Novaya gazeta a photocopy of an anonymous postcard containing threats to his client received in detention. (, 5/12)

Ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, children
Sova Centre reported that in November, xenophobic and neo-Nazi attacks resulted in harm to 13 people, four of whom were killed. (, 3/12) 

On 6/12 the Investigative Committee said almost 3,000 children were sexually abused in first nine months of 2012. (RAPSI, 6/12) 

On 3/12 the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry said in a statement that only about 20 percent of disabled people of working age in Russia are employed. (The Moscow Times, 4/12) 

Magnitsky bill
On 6/12 the U.S. Senate backed sanctions against Russian officials implicated in human rights violations. (RFE/RL, 7/12)
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