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Week-ending 14 December 2012

MHG prizes 


Ministry warns 


Suit filed in Strasbourg 

Searches in 

...and Nizhny Novgorod 

The Term 

Gaga speaks out

Detainees beaten

Pavliuchenkov convicted

Obama signs Magnitsky Bill
On 10/12 the Moscow Helsinki Group announced the 10 winners of its 2012 Human Rights Awards. (, 11/12) 

On 12/12 the Moscow Helsinki Group said it had received 2.5 million rubles ($81,300) in donations since launching an appeal for financial support late last month. (The Moscow Times, 13/12)

On 13/12 the Justice Ministry was reported to have demanded that the Saratov NGO No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction account in full for any funds received from abroad last year. (The Moscow Times, 14/12) 

Civil society activists
Solidarity activist, Grigory Oganezov, reported anonymous telephone threats arising from his refusal to co-operate with police. (, 10/12) 

On 11/12, civil society activist Jenny Kurpen filed a complaint with the Strasbourg Court for alleged torture by the police. (, 11/12)

On 11/12 investigators questioned and searched the apartments of three activists - Taisia Alexandrova, Anna Kornilova and Yury Nabutovsky - regarding an alleged plot by top protest leaders to instigate riots across Russia. (The Moscow Times, 12/12)

On 11/12 in Nizhny Novogorod police searched the homes of civil society activists Yury Straroverov and Ekaterina and Aleksandr Zaitsev. (, 11/12) 

On 13/12 the authors of the documentary film project “The Term” announced the project has been temporarily halted after the interrogation of one of their number filmmaker Pavel Kostomarov and the search of his home. (, 13/12)

LGBT rights 
On 9/12 Lady Gaga spoke out for gay rights at a St Petersburg concert. (The Guardian, 11/12) 

Observers reported incidents of beating of prisoners at Atlyan Juvenile Penal Colony in Chelyabinsk region. (, 13/12) 

Anna Politkovskaya 
On 14/12 ex-police officer Dmitry Pavliuchenkov, one of six accused, was convicted and sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing Anna Politkovskaya. (Amnesty International, 14/12) 

Sergei Magnitsky
On 14/12 U.S. President Obama signed into law legislation that paves the way for sanctions against Russian officials implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. (RFE/RL, 14/12)
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