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Week-ending 21 December 2012

New rights council 
set up


Russia urged to
end crackdown

Voronezh homes searched

Voronezh offices searched


Protest against US  adoption ban 

US adoption ban 

New restrictions 
on NGOs 

Protest on 
Lubyanka Square 

hunger strike 

Human rights & civil society activists 
On 17/12 Russian rights activists set up an Independent Human Rights Council to conduct judicial assessment of government activities and identify human rights violators. (RFE/RL, 18/12) 

On 18/12 Suren Gazaryan, a Krasnodar activist and member of EcoWatch in the North Caucasus, was reported placed on a federal police wanted list. (, 18/12) 

On 19/12 eight international organisations called on EU leaders to urge Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the crackdown on Russian civil society. (Amnesty International, 19/12)

On 19/12 in Voronezh police searched the homes of activists Natalia Zvyagin, Boris Suprenok, Gennady Pankov, Roman Khabarov and Aleksandr Boldyrev. (, 19/12) 

On 19/12 police searched the offices at Human Rights House Voronezh, seizing computer equipment and documents, and shutting off electricity. (, 19/12) 

On 20/12 Aleksei Navalny, the opposition leader and anti-corruption blogger, was charged with fraud and money laundering. (The Moscow Times, 21/12)

Bill to ban US adoptions and restrict NGOs 
On 18/12 a number of prominent Russian journalists who are adoptive parents have appealed to the Russian authorities not to approve the amendments prohibiting US citizens from adopting children from Russia. (, 18/12) 

On 21/12 the State Duma passed a bill to ban U.S. adoptions of Russian children in a 420-7 vote. (The Moscow Times, 24/12)

The bill banning US adoptions also stipulates that NGOs getting private or government funding of US origin be closed and their assets seized if they conduct "political activity". Nor must they employ staff with dual Russian-U.S. citizenship. (The Moscow Times, 24/12) 

Right of assembly
On 15/12 several thousand people took part in a protest in Moscow at the Solovetsky Stone. As the event was drawing to a close the police detained about 70 participants. (, 16/12) 

On 18/12 a court sentenced Vera Lavreshina, a civil society activist arrested on 15/12 on Lubyanka Square, to ten days detention. She has declared a hunger strike. (, 18/12)

On 14/12 the abduction of Uzbekistan citizen Yusup Kasymakhunov, recently released from prison, was feared when he disappeared from Moscow region. (, 18/12)
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