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Week-ending 28 December 2012

‘War’ declared?

ROC supports 


Federation Council approves bill

President signs 


Torture alleged 
at Kopeisk

Razvozzhaev asks to go back to Moscow


at 70
‘Anti-Magnitsky’ law 
The so-called ‘anti-Magnitsky act’ that bans U.S. adoptions also places harsh new restrictions on NGOs. "It feels like war has been declared," said Aleksandr Cherkasov, head of the Memorial human rights organization. (The Moscow Times, 24/12) 

Father Vsevolod Chaplin, a high-ranking priest and a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox church, supported the law banning adoption of Russian children by Americans. (The Guardian, 30/12) 

On 26/12 police detained seven protesters of the bill banning US adoptions for holding an unsanctioned protest near the Federation Council ahead of the scheduled discussion of the bill. Four members of the Russian Mothers organization were also detained while picketing in support of the bill. (The Moscow Times, 26/12)

On 26/12 the Federation Council unanimously passed the bill to ban U.S. adoptions of children and introduce new restrictions on NGOs. (The Moscow Times, 28/12) 

On 28/12 President Putin signed into law the bill banning US adoptions of Russian children and introducing new restrictions on NGOs. (, 28/12)

Sergei Magnitsky 
A Moscow district court acquitted former deputy chief of the Butyrka detention centre Dmitry Kratov of criminal negligence causing the death of Sergei Magnitsky. (, 28/12) 

Members of Chelyabinsk Public Oversight Commission (POC) published evidence of torture at Penal Colony No. 6 at Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region, on the Internet. (Chelyabinsk POC, 29/12) 

Leonid Razvozzhaev 
Opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev, who has been charged with instigating mass riots across Russia and sent to pretrial detention center in Chelyabinsk, has asked for permission to attend the upcoming appeal hearing in Moscow. (RAPSI, 25/12) 

Anna Politkovskaya
Lawyer Anna Stavitskaya has appealed against the sentence given to ex-police officer Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, found guilty of involvement in organising Anna Politkovskaya’s murder, as excessively mild. (, 25/12) 

Vladimir Bukovsky 
On 30/12 Vladimir Bukovsky, human rights defender and one of the founders of the dissident movement in the USSR, will celebrate his 70th birthday. (Institute of Modern Russia, 28/12)
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