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Week-ending 2 November 2012

New Internet law

Victims of Terror remembered

Rally against political repression 

Opposition leaders detained


Rally set for December

Gay pride ban

Lebedev’s sentence cut

Refusal to probe Dubrovka unlawful 

Upper Chamber passes treason bill

Activists seek asylum in Ukraine 

Lack of mosques in Moscow
Freedom of expression 
On 1/11 a law that aims to protect children from harmful internet content by allowing the government to take sites offline entered into force. (BBC, 1/11) 

Remembrance Day 
On 29/10 people with candles and flowers lined up on Lubyanka Square to read a list of names of 30,000 victims shot in Moscow under Stalin. (The Moscow Times, 31/10) 

On 30/10, Remembrance Day for victims of political repression, more than 500 people protested against political repression on Moscow's New Pushkin Square. (The Moscow Times, 31/10)

Right of assembly
On 27/10 police detained opposition leaders Aleksei Navalny, Ilya Yashin and Sergei Udaltsov during a demonstration in Moscow in support of political prisoners. (RFE/RL, 27/10) 

On 29/10 Sergei Udaltsov, Alexei Navalny and Ilya Yashin were released. They will face administrative penalties. (RAPSI, 29/10) 

Members of the opposition's Coordination Council agreed to stage their next rally in December and press the U.S. to expand its Magnitsky list of banned officials. (Moscow Times, 29/10) 

On 30/10 Moscow City Court upheld a decision by City Hall to ban a gay pride parade on 27/5. (The Moscow Times, 30/10) 

Court rulings 
On 1/11 a court in Russia reduced the prison sentence of Platon Lebedev by three years. The decision means Lebedev is now set to be released in July 2013. (RFE/RL, 1/11) 

On 2/11 Moscow's Lefortovsky district court declared illegal a refusal to open a criminal probe into officials who handled the hostage rescue operation at the Dubrovka theatre in 2002 that claimed 130 lives. (Business Recorder, 2/11) 

On 31/10 the Federation Council passed amendments to the law on treason enabling law enforcement officials to target people collaborating with international organizations. (Bellona, 2/11) 

Activists Mikhail Maglov and Aleksei Devyatkin and journalist Jenny Curpen have appealed to the Ukrainian authorities for political asylum. (Interfax-Ukraine, Kyiv Post, 27/10) 

Freedom of conscience
Due to a lack of mosques, the majority of Moscow's two million strong Muslim population had nowhere to pray during celebrations of Eid al-Adha over 26/10 – 29/10. (BBC, 27/10)
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