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Week-ending 16 November 2012

Rights Council 

New treason law

Top courts to move from Moscow? 

Calls for release of activists

Torture allegation goes to UN 

UN role in Internet governance? 

Danilov to get parole 

Slavery case dropped 

Wheelchair access 

Parents of Korchagin questioned 

Dm. Pavlyuchenko

Hizb ut-Tahrir

CAT reviews Russia 

Police violations ‘ubiquitous’
President Putin 
On 8/11 the Presidential human rights council gained 39 new members; total membership is 62. (The Moscow Times, 13/11) 

On 10/11 amendments expanding the legal definition of treason came into force. (The Moscow Times, 15/11) 

President Putin approved plans to move the Supreme Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court and the Supreme Court's judicial department to St. Petersburg. (The Moscow Times, 16/11) 

Treatment of opposition
On 11/11 protestors outside the Investigative Committee HQ demanded the release from custody of Leonid Razvozzhayev and Konstantin Lebedev. (The Moscow Times, 16/11) 

On 9/11 rights advocates handed information about the alleged torture of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev to the UN Committee Against Torture. (The Other Russia, 11/11) 

Freedom of expression 
On 13/11 in the lead-up to December's World Conference on International Communications reports say Russia has called on the UN to take over key aspects of Internet governance, including addressing and naming. (CNET, 16/11) 

Legal cases / Investigations 
On 9/11 Siberian physicist Valentin Danilov jailed on charges of espionage and treason was granted parole and could be freed next week. (The Moscow Times, 14/11) 

On 14/11 a Moscow prosecutor’s office annulled a criminal investigation into an alleged case of slavery in the Golianovo district. (Memorial, 14/11)

On 14/11 Russia's Supreme Court backed airlines' right to refuse to board wheelchair-bound passengers. (RFE/RL, 14/11) 

On 15/11 reports said FSB officials in St. Petersburg interrogated the elderly parents of Andrei Korchagin, director of the London-based International Protection Foundation. (, 15/11) 

Prosecutors sent to court the case of Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, a suspect in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. (RFE/RL, 15/11) 

On 16/11 nine persons were charged with belonging to outlawed Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir. (The Moscow Times, 19/11) 

On 12/11 the UN Committee against Torture concluded its review of Russia’s 5th report on compliance. (, 13/11) 

On 13/11 the Prosecutor General's Office officially notified Interior Minister Kolokoltsev that rights violations by law enforcement are ‘ubiquitous.’ (The Moscow Times, 14/11)
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