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Week-ending 23 November 2012


New law enters
into force

NGOs harassed

NGOs to boycott 

No investigation of torture claim

UN officials critical 
of Russia

No permission 

Lawyers leave

Alyokhina in 

Judges get 

NGO may close
New NGO law 
On 20/11 Amnesty International expressed grave concern over continuing encroachment on the right to freedom of association in the Russian Federation. (Amnesty International, 20/11) 

On 21/11 a new law obliging Russian NGOs financed from abroad and involved in political activity to register as “foreign agents” came into force. (RIA Novosti, 20/11) 

On 21/11 at least four NGOs were harassed with graffiti or pickets accusing them of being ‘foreign agents’: Memorial, For Human Rights, Transparency International (Russia), and the US Russia Foundation. (The Moscow Times, 22/11)

Prominent rights activists have said they would boycott the new NGO law and challenge it in the European Court of Human Rights. (The Moscow Times, 20/11) 

On 22/11 the Investigative Committee said it would not open a criminal case into claims by detained opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev he was kidnapped and tortured by security services. (The Moscow Times, 23/11) 

On 23/11 United Nations officials issued a scathing assessment of Russia’s compliance with an international treaty against torture and cruel and degrading punishment, highlighting a number of “troubling trends.” (New York Times, 23/11) 

Right of assembly
On 21/11 Moscow City Hall refused to permit a rally against political repression and rights violations. (, 21/11) 

Pussy Riot
On 19/11 lawyers Nikolai Polozov, Mark Feigin and Violetta Volkova said they would no longer represent the jailed Pussy Riot members. Polozov said the lawyers had evidence prison officials and inmates were putting psychological pressure on their clients. (The Moscow Times, 20/11) 

Jailed member of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina, has been transferred to solitary confinement because of tensions with other inmates. (BBC, 23/11) 

Aleksei Pichugin
Judges Natalia Olikhver and Vladimir Usov who presided over trials of Aleksei Pichugin have been awarded high state honours by Vladimir Putin. (, 21/11) 

Union of Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers 
On 16/11 the Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia said it might be forced to close its office next month for lack of funds. (The Moscow Times, 19/11)
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