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Week-ending 26 October 2012


Stalinist terror

Bill on NGO fines

Government funding not transparent

Demo for CC 

60,000 vote for CC 

Navalny comes top

'Unlawful' pressure  


UNHCR statement 

Confession renounced 

Bill on high treason 

Navalny bugged 


Udaltsov charged 

Pichugin awarded damages
Commemorating tragic dates 
26/10 marked the ten-year anniversary of the Nord-Ost tragedy when 128 theatre-goers were killed. (, 26/10) 

On 29/10 Memorial held ceremonies to mark the killing of the victims of the Stalinist terror. (, 25/10) 

The State Duma passed in 2nd reading a bill setting fines for NGOs violating rules on ‘foreign agent’ status. (, 25/10) 

On 25/10 Transparency International, an anti-corruption watchdog, said a government program to distribute funds to NGOs lacked transparency. (The Moscow Times, 26/10) 

Opposition Coordinating Council 
On 20/10 organizers said over 1,000 people attended a Moscow rally in support of the Coordinating Council. (RFE/RL, 20/10) 

Nearly 60,000 opposition supporters cast online votes for the Coordinating Committee amid a weekend of hacker attacks on the voting sites. (The Moscow Times, 22/10)

Activist Aleksei Navalny won the most votes in the online poll for the opposition Coordinating Council. (BBC, 23/10) 

On 24/10 the Coordinating Council said the government was using unlawful pressure on its opponents. (RL/RFE, 25/10) 

Restrictive actions against civil society activists 
On 22/10 investigators said activist Leonid Razvozzhaev had turned himself in and confessed. (The Moscow Times, 23/10) 

On 23/10 UNHCR published a statement expressing concern over the detention of Leonid Razvozzhaev. (, 23/10) 

On 23/10 detained civic activist Leonid Razvozzhaev renounced the confession he made earlier. ( , 23/10) 

On 23/10 Russia's parliament voted to widen the definition of high treason. (BBC, 24/10) 

On 25/10 opposition leader Aleksei Navalny said a criminal investigation had been opened into bugging devices discovered in his office. (, 26/10) 

Civic activist Galina Golubova was reported to have disappeared in Moscow. (, 24/10) 

On 26/10 leftwing activist Sergei Udaltsov was charged with plotting mass disorder. (BBC, 26/10) 

European Court of Human Rights 
On 23/10 the European Court of Human Rights ruled Russia must pay damages to ex-Yukos employee Aleksei Pichugin for trial violations. (The Moscow Times, 23/10)
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