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Week-ending 28 September 2012

No prosecution of Orthodox activists 

Kazan police officers sentenced

No right of self-defence against police

New blasphemy bill 

Zelenina released from custody... face new charges

Supreme Court upholds Sutyagin conviction 

LGBT activist loses appeal 

May 6th detainees to remain in custody

Call to release May 6th detainees 

Meeting with Khodorkovsky denied
On 24/9 police said the actions of Orthodox activists who tore off someone’s t-shirt that had words and images supporting Pussy Riot were not criminal. (, 24/9) 

On 25/9 two Kazan police officers were sentenced to less than three years in prison in a high-profile case that involved illegal detention and death of resident Sergei Nazarov. (LA Times, 26/9)

On 27/9 the Supreme Court refused to grant permission for citizens to use force to defend themselves against police. The court rejected the proposal during a plenary session on self-defense in Moscow. (The Moscow Times, 28/9)

Insulting believers
On 26/9 State Duma deputies introduced a bill under which offending religious believers would warrant up to three years in prison or a 300,000 ruble fine. (The Moscow Times, 27/9) 

Court cases
On 25/9 a Moscow court freed Olga Zelenina, a chemist, from pretrial detention, accused of authoring a false expert opinion in a drug trafficking case. (The Moscow Times, 26/9) 

On 26/9 new criminal charges of misleading a court over her level of expertise were brought against Olga Zelenina. (RIA Novosti, 26/9)

On 26/9 the Russian Supreme Court, reviewing the 15-year sentence for espionage handed down in 2004 to former disarmament researcher Igor Sutyagin (since pardoned) following a May 2011 finding by the European Court of Human Rights that Sutyagin’s rights to a fair trial had been violated, upheld the conviction and sentence. (RIA Novosti, 26/9) 

On 26/9 the St. Petersburg Statutory Court dismissed a complaint by LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev against the law banning promotion of homosexuality among minors. (RAPSI, 26/9) 

Right of assembly 
On 24/9 Moscow’s Basmanny district court ruled that the student anarchist Aleksei Polikhovich must remain in custody till 6/11. A similar decision has been taken by Moscow City Court in relation to Mikhail Kosenko. (, 25/9) 

In an open letter, well-known cultural figures and civic activists have demanded an impartial investigation into 6 May events on Bolotnaya Square. (, 25/9)

Marieluise Beck, German Green Party Spokesperson for Eastern European Affairs was refused a visit with Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Segezha where he is imprisoned. (Khodorkovsky,com, 25/9)
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