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Week-ending 20 December 2013








Activist gets 
3 years 

Gay club 

Selective amnesty 



4 released 

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
On 20/12 President Putin signed a pardon for Mikhail Khodorkovsky with immediate effect. (RAPSI, 20/12)

On 20/12 Mikhail Khodorkovsky arrived in Germany (Financial Times, 20/12)

Freedom of expression
On 17/12 the Duma passed in first reading a bill enabling prosecutors to block websites with illegal information, including calls to unsanctioned rallies. (The Moscow Times, 19/12)

Prisoners’ rights
On 16/12 three inmates at a Siberian prison cut themselves in protest at mistreatment of others. (The Moscow Times, 18/12)

North Caucasus
On 13-14/12 and 16/12 Russian authorities in the North Caucasus questioned at least 11 activists for Circassian rights and in searches confiscated computers, telephones. (Human Rights Watch, 18/12)

On 16/12 the National Anti-Terrorist Committee said FSB security officers killed four alleged militants in the North Caucasus. (The Moscow Times, 17/12)

On 17/12 Krasnodar Regional Court overturned a local court's decision to ban a widely read Russian translation of the Quran. (The Moscow Times, 18/12)

On 20/12 environmental activist Evgeny Vitishko who reported on construction for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games was sentenced to three years in prison. (The Guardian, 20/12)

LGBT rights
On 14/12 some 100 people seized the attic of Central Station, Moscow’s largest gay club, fully "dismantling" the roof of the building and stealing equipment. (The Moscow Times, 15/12)

On 18/12 Russian MPs backed an amnesty that would include Pussy Riot and the Greenpeace Arctic protesters. (BBC, 18/12)

Bolotnaya Trial
On 16/12 a witness said riot police officers beat one of the accused, Sergei Krivov at the Bolotnaya rally. (, 17/12)

On 18/12 an international public commission declared there were no "riots" at the May 2012 opposition protest on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. (The Moscow Times, 19/12)

On 19/12 a Moscow court released on amnesty four defendants in the so-called Bolotnoye case. (The Moscow Times, 20/12)

Asylum in EU
On 18/12 the EU said more than 23,000 Russians requested asylum in Europe in 2012. (The Moscow Times, 20/12)
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