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Week-ending 4 January 2013

plans march

Adoption ban 
in force


New rules for elections

New language 

Alexanyan property not released

Top officials can
work till 70

Death in detention

‘Anti-Magnitsky’ law 
On 29/1 Russian opposition activists announced plans to hold a march on 13/1 to urge a repeal of a new law banning adoptions of Russian children by American citizens and calling for the dissolution of the two houses of parliament. (RAPSI, 29/12) 

On 1/1 a law which in particular bans adoption of Russian children by American families entered into force in Russia. (RIA Novosti, 1/1)

Right of assembly
On 31/12 Russian police detained prominent opposition figure Eduard Limonov and two dozen other activists for staging unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, rallying to defend the right to assembly. (RFE/RL, 31/12) 

Electoral rights
President Putin ordered a major change in rules for parliamentary elections according to which half of the State Duma’s 450 seats would be filled using a proportional system based on votes for parties; the other half would be filled by direct election of individual candidates. (New York Times, 2/1) 

Minority rights
President Putin signed a controversial new law on education guaranteeing education in Russian, while the right to an education in the languages of Russia's ethnic minorities would not be completely guaranteed. (RFE/RL, 31/12) 

On 3/1 the prosecution in the case against deceased Yukos lawyer Vasily Alexanyan, for a third time appealed against a Moscow court’s decision to release his seized property. (, 3/1) 

Age limits 
On 2/1 the Kremlin said President Putin approved a bil allowing people in top state jobs such as ministers and Kremlin advisers to stay in their posts until the age of 65 – or 70 by dispensation of the president. (The Telegraph, 2/1) 

On the night of 3-4/1 a 43-year-old man arrested on suspicion of embezzlement died in a cell for administrative detainees at Moscow’s Khorosheva-Mnevniki police station. Officers from the station are currently under investigation for the alleged October murder of a detainee. (The Other Russia, 5/1) 

On 2/1 a gunman was shot dead when he opened fire on a police station in the Malokarachayevsky district of the North Caucasus Republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia. (RIA Novosti, 2/1)
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