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Week-ending 25 January 2013

Families go 
to ECtHR 

Civil society working group ends 

Voronezh activists attacked 

Moscow activists attacked 

passes bill 

Bill to curtail 
regional elections 

Markelov & Baburova remembered 

Yevgeny Pirogov 

Leonid Razvozzhaev 

Aleksandr Dolmatov 

Dolmatov’s mother urges investigation 

Foreign agent law 

Sentence not cut
Adoption law / US-Russia relations 
On 25/1 reports said four American families affected by a new ban on U.S. adoptions have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. (The Moscow Times, 28/1) 

The US is withdrawing from a bilateral Russian-US working group on civil society that embodied the spirit of the “reset” between Washington and Moscow. (New York Times, 25/1)

LGBT rights 
On 21/1 participants in a picket in Voronezh against a bill to ban "homosexual propaganda" were beaten up. One of the organisers was hospitalised. (, 21/1) 

On 22/1 a demonstration against a proposed ban on "homosexual propaganda" outside the State Duma was attacked by Orthodox activists. (The Moscow Times, 23/1)

On 24/1 Kaliningrad region assembly passed a bill banning “homosexual propaganda” and imposing fines for distributing information on gay relationships. (The Moscow Times, 25/1) 

Electoral rights 
On 23/1 State Duma deputies overwhelming passed in its first reading a bill that would give regional assemblies the right to abolish direct elections for governors. (The Moscow Times, 24/1) 

On 19/1 a Moscow march commemorated the lives of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova, both killed by neo-Nazis four years ago. (, 19/1) 

Kazan Human Rights Centre has called for prosecutors in Kazan to investigate the holding of activist Yevgeny Pirogov in a psychiatric hospital. (, 21/1)

On 21/1 Moscow City Court dismissed an appeal by activist Leonid Razvozzhaev against the extension of his detention to 1/4. (, 21/1) 

Friends and lawyers of opposition activist Aleksandr Dolmatov have accused the Netherlands of complicity in his suicide on 17/1 in a Dutch extradition center. (The Moscow Times, 21/1) 

The mother of Aleksandr Dolmatov has written a letter to the Queen of the Netherlands requesting her help in investigating the death of her son. (, 23/1)

The Justice Ministry refused to include Chuvashia rights NGO Shield & Sword in the ‘foreign agent’ register. (, 22/1) 

On 23/1 Velsk Court dismissed a petition by Platon Lebedev to cut the length of his sentence. (, 23/1)
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