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Week-ending 5 July 2013

Leaflets seized

For Human Rights 

Mayor arrested 

Navalny trial


Yukos appeal 

Tax employee charged 

Gay pride 

New law

Adoption ban 


Foreign agent 

For Human Rights 

Bolotnaya trial 


Religious associations
Elections / Elected officials / Candidates 
On 29/6 Moscow police said they seized the election leaflets of mayoral candidate Aleksei Navalny. (The Moscow Times , 1/7)

On 1/7 anti-Kremlin leader Aleksei Navalny kicked off his mayoral campaign in Moscow. (The Moscow Times, 2/7)

On 3/7 Yevgeny Urlashov, mayor of Yaroslavl, was arrested with three of his deputies for allegedly soliciting bribes. He was charged on 4/7. (RFE/RL: 3/7, 4/7)

On 5/7 prosecutors demanded a six-year jail term for opposition leader Aleksei Navalny in his trial in Kirov. (RFE/RL, 5/7)

Economic crimes
On 2/7 the State Duma passed an amnesty for certain economic crimes. (The Moscow Times, 3/7) 

On 5/7 Moscow City Court rejected a second appeal filed by Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin against the sentences of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. (RAPSI, 5/7) 

On 5/7 reports said Olga Tsymai, ex-employee of tax inspectorate No. 28, was charged with embezzling budget funds in a fraudulent VAT tax scheme. (The Moscow Times, 5/7) 

LGBT rights
On 29/6 a sanctioned gay pride gathering in St. Petersburg ended in the detention of dozens of activists. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)

On 30/6 President Putin signed into law a bill against “gay propaganda.” (The Moscow Times, 2/7)

On 5/7 President Putin signed a law banning the adoption of children by same-sex couples. (The Moscow Times, 5/7) 

Right of association 
On 29/6, a Justice Ministry spokesperson said Golos activists could face sanctions if they continued their activities after the organization was suspended. (Human Rights Watch, 29/6) 

The Justice Ministry has signed up its first “foreign agent,” the NGO Supporting Competition in CIS Countries. (Bellona, 1/7)

On 2/7 Human Rights Watch said the authorities should investigate the raid of 21-22/6 on For Human Rights. (HRW, 2/7)

Right of assembly
On 4/7, Memorial said in a statement that the so-called ‘Bolotnaya trial’ was politically motivated. (, 4/7)

Freedom of conscience 
On 30/6 President Putin signed into law a bill against “blasphemy.” (The Moscow Times, 2/7) 

On 2/7 President Putin signed into law a bill limiting those who can set up religious associations. (, 4/7)
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