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Week-ending 7 June 2013


Muslims detained

Grounds for inspections

LGBT group fined

UN experts 

Maria Alekhina

Vadim Korovin 

Aleksei Kozlov

HIV activist 

Mikhail Savva

LGBT rights


Threats against lawyers
Right of assembly 
On 6/6 the trial began in Moscow of 12 people charged with violence against police and alleged mass riot in the “Bolotnoye case.” The court extended by 6 months pre-trial detention for 10 of the 12 accused. (RFE/RL, 6/6; The Moscow Times, 7/6) 

On 7/6 Russian police rounded up 300 people at a Muslim prayer room in Moscow. (Reuters, 7/6)

Right of association
On 4/6 the Ministry of Justice said a draft amendment giving authorities additional grounds for unscheduled inspections of NGOs had been approved. (The Moscow Times,; 4/6) 

On 6/6 the St Petersburg-based LGBT film festival “Side by Side” was fined over USD 15,500. (Amnesty International, 6/6)

On 6/6 UN experts expressed concern Russian authorities had charged two that provided information to the UN Committee Against Torture, under the foreign agents law. (RFE/RL, 6/6)

On 1/6 Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina ended her hunger strike. (, 3/6) 

On 4/6 a Moscow region court decided against sanctioning the arrest of Vadim Korovin, an activist with the Russian Federation of Car Owners, accused of hitting a policeman with his car. (The Moscow Times, 4/6) 

On 5/6 Aleksei Kozlov, the jailed husband of prominent Russian pro-reform activist Olga Romanova, in prison since 2008 and sentenced to five years for fraud, was released. (RFE/RL, 5/6)

On 5/6 a Russian court fined the organizer of a recent handout of condoms to promote HIV awareness near a World War II monument. (The Moscow Times, 6/6) 

On 5/6 Krasnodar region court extended the pre-trial detention of Mikhail Savva until 11/8 at a closed hearing in the absence of the defendant’s lawyer. (, 6/6) 

Minority rights
On 7/6 the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers invited Russia to present an action plan regarding a ECtHR judgment on right of assembly for LGBT minorities. (RAPSI, 7/6) 

On 6/6 the European Court of Human Rights held the rights of two Jehovah’s Witnesses had been violated when medical records were disclosed to prosecutors. (RAPSI, 6/7) 

North Caucasus 
Two lawyers in Dagestan, Sapiyat Magomedova and Musa Suslanov, have received death threats in connection with a criminal case they are working on. (Amnesty International, 4/6)
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