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Right of association 
On 25/3 prosecutors inspected Amnesty International, For Human Rights and Memorial Human Rights Centre in Moscow and Memorial Anti-Discrimination Center in St. Petersburg. Sergei Nikitin, head of the Amnesty’s office, said he would be called to the prosecutor’s office for questioning. (RFE/RL, 26/3) 

On 25/3 members of the Presidential Council on Human Rights and Civil Society addressed an open letter to Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Yury Chaika, asking him to explain the reasons for the inspections of NGOs. (, 25/3)

On 26/3 a prosecutors’ document witnessing to the creation of a ‘mobile group for the purpose of conducting inspections…’ was published by human rights defenders. (, 26/3)

On 27/3 Moscow prosecutors inspected Human Rights Watch, Transparency International Russia and Civic Assistance, and summoned Pavel Chikov (Agora) and Lev Ponomarev (For Human Rights) for questioning. (The Moscow Times, 28/3)

On 27/3 a 'mobile group' of prosecutors inspected the Memorial Research and Information Centre in St. Petersburg. (, 27/3;, 28/3)

On 27/3 Memorial Human Rights Centre filed an official request with the Moscow Prosecutor's Office asking exactly what information of an alleged violation of the law had provided legal grounds for the inspection. (, 27/3)

On 28/3 the Moscow Helsinki Group was inspected. (The Moscow Times, 29/3)

On 29/3 three charges were brought against human rights defender Lev Ponomarev in relation to alleged violations of administrative law. (, 29/3) 

Civil society activists 
On 25/3 investigators questioned Elena Kokhtareva, a 57-year-old pensioner as part of a criminal investigation into violence at an anti-Kremlin demonstration on Moscow's Bolotnaya Ploshchad last year. (The Moscow Times, 26/3) 

Court officials in Kirov say the trial of opposition activist Aleksei Navalny accused of embezzling $500,000 from a timber company will begin in April. (New York Times, 28/3)

On 29/3 a Moscow court extended the pretrial detention of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev by as long as four months. (RFE/RL, 29/3)

By 25/3 a petition against the law on residence registration had gathered more than 100,000 signatures. (, 26/3)
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