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Week-ending 31 May 2013

Conviction upheld 

Hunger strike 

Bolotnaya case 

Korovin detained 


Protestors detained 



Coming Out 


Levada Centre 


New case? 

No violations 


Abduction reported
Pussy riot 
On 29/5 Moscow City Court upheld the conviction and sentence handed down to members of Pussy Riot. (RIA Novosti, 29/5) 

On 28/5 Maria Alekhina was hospitalized on the seventh day of her hunger strike. (, 29/5)

Civil society activists 
On 27/5 a criminal case against 12 suspects held over the 6/5/12 Bolotnaya demonstration was filed in Moscow. (RAPSI, 27/5) 

On 31/5 a court extended the detention of Vadim Korovin of the Federation of Car Owners. (The Moscow Times, 3/6)

On 30/5 anti-development protesters Vladimir Krasov and Aleksei Podnebesny were attacked in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod respectively. (, 31/5)

On 31/5 police detained about two dozen at protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the right of assembly. (RFE/RL, 31/5)

Right of association
On 28/5 Memorial Human Rights Centre filed an appeal against registration as a ‘foreign agent.’ (, 30/5) 

On 29/5, a court ruled the Kostroma Civic Initiatives Support Centre must register as a foreign agent. (, 30/5)

On 27/5 in St. Petersburg the trial began of Coming Out for failing to register as a ‘foreign agent’. (, 27/5)

Sociologists (on 27/5) and economists (on 30/5) appealed against “foreign agents” law. (, 29/5;
The Moscow Times, 31/5) 

The Levada Centre said it would no longer accept foreign funding. (, 30/5) 

On 31/5 the UN Committee Against Torture criticized Russia for prosecuting two human rights groups because of reports they submitted to the committee. (New York Times, 31/5) 

The flight from Russia of economist Sergei Guriev after he was interrogated rekindled suspicions of a new criminal case against Khodorkovsky and Lebedev. (The Moscow Times, 31/5) 

Mikhail Fedotov, head of the Presidential Human Rights Council, said Sergei Guriev and other authors of a report on the Yukos trial had not violated the law. (, 31/5)

North Caucasus
On 30/5 opposition leaders said in a report as much as $30bn (£20bn) has been stolen in preparations for the Sochi Winter Olympics. (BBC, 30/5) 

On 28/5 reports said Grozny resident Beslan Baidulaev had been abducted in Achkhoi-Martan district on 22/5. (, 29/5)
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