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Judge alleges pressure
Greenpeace: Arctic 30
The Presidential Human Rights Council appealed for the release of the 30 detained activists. (The Moscow Times, 11/11)

On 12/11 St Petersburg Prison Service confirmed arrival of the Arctic 30 in city detention centers. (Greenpeace, 16/11)

Freedom of expression
On 15/11 police opened a criminal case related to ‘hooliganism’ against performance artist Petr Pavlensky who nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones in Red Square. (RIA Novosti, 15/11)

LGBT rights
On 11/11 a court gave a suspended sentence to Gleb Likhotkin for firing an airgun into the face of an LGBT activist, causing loss of sight in one eye. (The Telegraph, 11/11)

The Federal Communications Agency is bringing admininstrative proceedings against the editor of Molodoi Dalnevostochnik for promoting non-traditional sexual relations. (, 13/11)

On 11/11 migrants’ rights campaigner Mais Kurbanov was shot from a traumatic pistol in Moscow. (RIA Novosti, 12/11)

Other high profile cases
The ECtHR has sent questions to Russia over complaints lodged by seven Bolotnaya case defendants. (RIA Novosti, 11/11)

On 12/11 a Moscow district court seized the bank accounts and assets of Oleg Navalny and Aleksei Navalny as part of the proceedings in an embezzlement case. (RAPSI, 12/11)

On 14/11 the husband of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova confirmed she is in a Siberia prison TB hospital. (The Telegraph, 14/11)

On 14/11 Moscow City Court disbanded the jury in the Anna Politkovskaya murder trial. (RAPSI, 14/11)

On 14/11 the Russian Supreme Court rejected an appeal challenging the sentences handed down to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. (RAPSI, 14/11)

Journalist Oleg Kashin has accused the FSB of failing to investigate the 2010 attack on him. (The Moscow Times, 14/11)

Judicial reform / Judges
The Supreme Commercial Court officially criticised the plan to create a single Supreme Court. (, 12/11)

On 12/11 the Duma passed bill in 1st reading to merge Supreme Arbitration and Supreme courts. (The Moscow Times, 13/11)

Chechen judge Vakhid Abubakarov has removed himself from a murder trial, saying he was under pressure to ensure a guilty verdict, reports said on 11/11. (RIA Novosti, 12/11)
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