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Week-ending 18 October 2013

Appeals rejected


Open letter 

Appeal dismissed 

Plea withdrawn 

Hunger strike 

Appeal ruling


March banned 

Riot over 



Migrant killed 



Diplomat attacked
This week a Murmansk court rejected 14 appeals to release Greenpeace activists. (Greenpeace, 17/10; RIA Novosti, 18/10) 

On 18/10 intruders broke into a building used by Greenpeace in Murmansk. (Greenpeace, 18/10) 

Pussy Riot
On 14/10 Nadezhda Tolokonnikova met her lawyer and released a new open letter. (, 14/10) 

On 15/10 the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Ekaterina Samutsevich against her conviction. (, 15/10) 

On 18/10 Maria Alekhina withdrew her plea for early release in support for her bandmate. (The Guardian, 18/10)

On 18/10 Nadezhda Tolokonnikova restarted a hunger strike. (RIA Novosti, 18/10)

Aleksei Navalny
On 16/10 an appeal court upheld Aleksei Navalny's conviction but suspended his 5-year sentence. (The Guardian, 16/10) 

Right of assembly
On 12/10 police arrested 67 people at a LGBT rights demonstration in St. Petersburg. (The Guardian, 12/10) 

On 17/10 Moscow city hall refused to permit a march on 26/10 in support of Bolotnaya defendants. (The Moscow Times, 17/10)

On 13/10 rioting broke out in Biriulevo in southern Moscow following the killing on the night of 10-11/10 of an ethnic Russian by a non-Russian. (The Moscow Times, 14/10) 

On 14/10 police detained more than 1,200 immigrants in a sweep operation at a Moscow market. (Amnesty International, 15/10)

On 15/10 the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance said violations in Russia of labor regulations and migrants’ rights occur on a "massive scale". (RFE/RL, 15/10)

On 16/10 an Uzbek migrant worker was found stabbed to death in Biriulevo. (The Guardian, 16/10)

Right of association
On 16/10 Ryazan Memorial lost a lawsuit challenging a prosecutor's warning that it had failed to register as a "foreign agent". (Amnesty International, 16/10) 

On 17/10 St Petersburg’s commercial court quashed a fine levied against Bellona for alleged health violations. (Bellona, 17/10)

On 15/10 a senior Dutch diplomat was assaulted by unidentified assailants at his home. (The Guardian, 16/10)
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