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Week-ending 25 October 2013

Human Rights Council 

Bail denied 


Katyn ruling 


Right to 
be elected 







Ryazan Memorial 


Racial abuse 

Bus attack
On 21/10 the Human Rights Council urged the charges against Greenpeace activists to be dropped. (, 21/10) 

This week a Murmansk court rejected appeals to release nine Greenpeace activists on bail. (Greenpeace, 24/10) 

On 24/10 the Investigative Committee replaced charges of piracy with charges of “hooliganism”. (Amnesty International, 24/10)

Suspected politically motivated abuse of justice system
On 21/10 the European Court of Human Rights ruled it was unable to determine the adequacy of an earlier investigation into the 1940 Katyn massacre. (Amnesty International, 21/10) 

On 21/10 Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said he conferred with President Putin about allowing Aleksei Navalny to participate in the mayoral election on 8/9. (The Moscow Times, 21/10) 

On 24/10 a bill was submitted to the State Duma that would allow Aleksei Navalny to run in elections no sooner than in 15 years. (The Moscow Times, 25/10) 

On 23/10 the Supreme Court upheld the life sentence for ex-Yukos official Aleksei Pichugin. (RAPSI, 23/10) 

On 23/10 reports said Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was transferred to a prison in Alatyr, Chuvashia. (RIA Novosti, 23/10)

On 24/10 the Investigative Committee said it will not investigate allegations by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova that a prison official threatened to kill her. (RIA Novosti, 24/10)

On 23/10 hearings on the merits for the trial against Mikhail Savva were postponed till 5/11. (, 23/10) 

Freedom of expression 
On 21/10 a draft bill stipulated the FSB must be given direct access to all stored internet traffic. (RAPSI, 21/10) 

On 22/10 unknown attackers threw an incendiary device into the offices of Moskovsky Komsomolets. (RFE/RL, 22/10) 

Right of association
On 22/10 a court ruled Ryazan Memorial is not engaged in political activity. (, 22/10) 

On 23/10 a report by Agora condemned the law on ‘foreign agents’ and its implementation. (, 23/10) 

Uefa is investigating a complaint by a Manchester City player he was racially abused during a game on 23/10. (BBC, 25/10) 

Suspected terrorism 
On 21/10 an explosion on a bus in Volgograd killed six people and injured about 30 others. (RIA Novosti, 22/10)
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