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Week-ending 13 September 2013

Sobyanin given 
over 50% 





‘Swallow’ ruled 
not torture 

37 die 
in fire 

Call for book 

Warning to 
TV channel 


Putin on 
human rights 

Illegal migrants
Electoral rights 
On 8/9 Aleksei Navalny came second in the vote for Moscow mayor; official results gave Sergei Sobyanin over 50%, ensuring him a first round win. (The Guardian, 8/9) 

On 9/9 thousands rallied at Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square in support of Aleksei Navalny, who claimed the previous day’s vote was rigged. (RIA Novosti, 9/9)

On 11/9 Aleksei Navalny announced he would submit 951 separate complaints of voting violations to the Moscow City Elections Commission. (The Moscow Times, 11/9)

On 12/9 Moscow City Court dismissed an application by Aleksei Navalny to call off the inauguration of Sergei Sobyanin as mayor of Moscow. (RAPSI, 12/9)

Treatment in detention
On 10/9 a Moscow district court denied a request by Mikhail Kosenko, on remand as a suspect in the ‘Bolotnaya case’, to attend the funeral of his mother. (RAPSI, 10/9) 

Tatarstan's Investigative Committee closed the investigation into the death of Pavel Drozdov on the grounds that the ‘Swallow’ method of restraint used against him in a police cell was not torture. (, 10/9)

Psychiatric care 
On 6/9 a fire killed 37 people in a Russian psychiatric hospital, the second deadly blaze at such a facility this year, heightening concerns about Russia's treatment of the mentally ill and other vulnerable wards of the state. (The Moscow Times, 13/9) 

Freedom of expression 
On 12/9 Moscow prosecutors said the “The Third Way,” a compilation of two works by Benito Mussolini, should be banned from sale in Russian bookstores. (RIA Novosti, 12/9) 

On 12/9 the Federal Agency for Communications announced it had warned the EvroKino television channel for "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations." (RFE/RL, 12/9)

People with disabilities 
Millions of people with disabilities in Russia continue to face significant barriers to participation in society, Human Rights Watch said in a report issued on 11/9. (HRW, 11/9) 

North Caucasus 
On 9/9 President Putin said the activities of international human rights organizations in the North Caucasus were "anti-Russian". (RFE/RL, 9/9) 

On 11/9 migration authorities in Sochi kicked off a campaign to identify illegal immigrants. (The Moscow Times, 11/9)
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