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Week-ending 12 December 2014

Houses fired 



Tomsk TV-2 


agent law 



MHG awards 



Prison protest
On 8/12 masked individuals in masks set to four homes on fire in the village of Yandi, Chechnya. (The Moscow Times, 9/12)

On 10/12 Ramzan Kadyrov indirectly implicated Igor Kalyapin, head of the Committee Against Torture, in organizing last week's attack by insurgents in Grozny. (RFE/RL, 11/12)

On 11/12 supporters of Kadyrov disrupted a human rights group’s press conference in Moscow by pelting Igor Kalyapin with eggs. (RFE/RL, 11/12)

Freedom of expression
On 8/10 Dozhd TV was forced out of its Moscow studios. (The Moscow Times, 9/12)

On 8/12 Evgeny Mezdrikov, editor of Taiga.Info in Novosibirsk, was assaulted hours. (The Moscow Times, 9/12)

Tomsk TV-2 has been informed by the city's authorities that it’s signal will no longer be transmitted from 1/1/15. (RFE/RL, 9/12)

On 9/12 the writer Boris Akunin wrote on his Facebook page that investigators had come to his flat in Moscow. (, 11/12)

Right of association
On 8/12 Russia's Justice Ministry said it has developed a procedure to allow NGOs to remove themselves from the federal register of "foreign agents". (The Moscow Times, 9/12)

On 10/12 the Justice Ministry added the Moscow School of Civic Education to the federal register of "foreign agents". (The Moscow Times, 10/12)

A new law prohibits groups registered as "foreign agents" from taking part in election-monitoring. (The Moscow Times, 9/12)

Civil society activists
On 7/12 police apparently sought to prevent Mikhail Khodorkovsky speaking by video link supporters who had gathered at a St Petersburg hotel. (The Moscow Times, 7/12)

On 9/12 Moscow Helsinki Group named the 2014 winners of its annual human rights awards. (, 9/12)

On 10/12 activist Sergei Mokhnatkin was convicted in absentia of assaulting two police officers on 31/12/13 during a protest in Moscow and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. (RFE/RL, 10/12)

On 10/11 a crowd-funded campaign got underway to put up plaques on Moscow buildings to commemorate the victims of Stalin’s purges. (The Moscow Times, 11/12)

On 9/12 authorities said they quashed a protest riot at a pretrial detention center in Chelyabinsk. (RFE/RL, 9/12)
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