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October 2014

Right of association 
On 10/10 reports said the Justice Ministry had filed a claim with the Supreme Court to liquidate the Russian Memorial Society. On 15/10 Secretary General of the Council of Europe called for Memorial to be allowed to continue its work. On 23/10 the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on Russia not to close Memorial.

Right of assembly 
On 6/10 President Putin signed a law banning night-time demonstrations. On 10/10 a Moscow court sentenced activist Dmitry Ishevsky to 3 years 2 months in prison over the May 2012 protest on Bolotnaya Square.

Freedom of expression 
On 8/10 police in Moscow detained civil society activist Pavel Shekhtman over posts on the Internet. On 15/10 Vladimir Putin signed a new law limiting foreign ownership of Russian media. On 15/10 Teatr.doc said the Moscow city authorities had terminated its lease, threatening the theatre with closure. On 16/10 two US journalists were arrested at a journalism workshop in St. Petersburg and deported allegedly for visa irregularities. On 20/10 a congress of intellectuals appealed to the head of state-run Channel One TV to acknowledge "falsifications" in its reporting on Ukraine. On 19/10 the assistant to Ekho Moskvy’s chief editor said the head of Gazprom Media had attempted to censor an interview with Aleksei Navalny aired on 15/10. On 21/10 the station said it had been informed of an unscheduled inspection by the prosecutor's office; and on 31/10 that it had received a warning from Roskomadzor over a program about Ukraine.

Activists, human rights defenders 
On 6/10 Vladimir Ashkurov, executive director of Aleksei Navalny's anticorruption fund, announced he had applied for political asylum in Britain. On 10/10 a Moscow district court extended the house arrest of Aleksei Navalny imposed on him in the Yves Rocher embezzlement case. On 15/10 a Moscow court extended the house arrest of Konstantin Yankauskas, a Navalny associate until 10/12. On 27/10 unidentified officers raided the Moscow home of Maria Gaidar in connection with a seven-year-old embezzlement investigation into Navalny. On 18/10 the the head of Budennovsk Soldiers' Mothers Committee Liudmila Bogatenkova who claimed Russian soldiers were fighting in Ukraine was detained by police on charges of fraud. On 20/10 Bogatenkova was released from police custody; on 21/10 she was hospitalized with heart trouble. On 21/10 anti-corruption lawyer Andrei Stolbunov said he is seeking asylum in the United States. On 31/10 Memorial Human Rights Centre published a list of 46 persons it considers to be political prisoners. On 31/10 reports said former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky who lives in the UK said he is being denied a new Russian passport.

North Caucasus 
In Dagestan, on 2/10 police killed at least three militants in a security operation. On 8/10 police said they killed three suspected militants who attacked a checkpoint in the region. On 16/10, security forces killed three suspected militants in Derbent. On 24/10 three alleged militants were killed by security forces in the region. In Kabardino-Balkaria, on 5/10 two militants were killed near in a security operation. In Chechnya, on 5/10 a suicide bomber killed five police officers and wounded at least 12 other people.

On 2/10 Tatar activist Fauziya Bayramova was given a suspended one-year prison sentence for inciting ethnic hatred after she posted two articles on Facebook condemning Russia's annexation of Crimea. On 6/10 the body of Edem Asanov, one of three Crimean Tatars recently reported missing, was found in Evpatoria. On 13/10 Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, held in detention in Russia on terrorism charges, was added to Russia's terrorist register, though he has not yet stood trial. On 28/10 the pre-trial detention of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko was extended until 13/2/15.