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Week-ending 24 October 2014

Channel One 

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Three killed
Freedom of expression
On 20/10 a congress of Russian intellectuals appealed to the head of state-run Channel One TV to acknowledge "falsifications" in its reporting on Ukraine. (The Moscow Times, 24/10)

On 19/10 Lesya Ryabsteva, assistant to Ekho Moskvy’s chief editor, said Mikhail Lesin, head of Gazprom Media, which owns 66% of the station, attempted to censor an interview with Aleksei Navalny aired on 15/10. (The Moscow Times, 20/10)

On 21/10 the Ekho Moskvy said it had been informed of an unscheduled inspection by the prosecutor's office. (RFE/RL, 21/10)

Activists, lawyers, business people
On 19/10 head of the Kremlin's human rights council, Mikhail Fedotov, said he would "take control" of the situation regarding Liudmila Bogatenkova, chair of the Budennovsk branch of the Soldiers' Mothers Committee who claimed Russian soldiers were fighting in Ukraine. She was taken into custody on 17/10 and charged with fraud. (The Moscow Times, 19/10)

On 21/10 Liudmila Bogatenkova, released from police custody on 20/10, was hospitalized with heart trouble. (The Moscow Times, 22/10)

On 21/10 lawyer Andrei Stolbunov, who has accused regional officials of corruption, said he is seeking asylum in the United States. (RFE/RL, 21/10)

On 23/10 a Moscow court postponed to 30/10 a ruling on a move to take control of Bashneft, an oil company, from tycoon Vladimir Yevtushenkov. (RFE/RL, 23/10)

On 24/10 Vitaly Moiseev, a lawyer who represented an alleged victim of the Orekhovo criminal group, and his wife were shot dead in Moscow. (RFE/RL, 24/10)

Right of association
On 23/3 Ivan Pavlov of the Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information, based in St. Petersburg, said his organization had been told by the Ministry Justice they were in breach of the law on ‘foreign agents’ for not providing its quarterly report. The Institute said the letter was dated 3/10, bu the deadline for reporting is 15/10. (, 24/10)

On 23/10 the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on the Russian authorities not to close down the Memorial civil rights NGO. (European Parliament, 23/10)

North Caucasus
On 24/10 three alleged militants were killed by security forces the village of Charoda, Dagestan. (RFE/RL, 24/10)
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