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September 2014

Freedom of expression 
On 11/9 police detained journalist Dmitry Shipilov in relation to an interview with an advocate of greater autonomy for Siberia. On 12/9 Ksenia Batanova, chief producer at Dozhd TV channel, was attacked and robbed by two unidentified men. On 18/9 the BBC called on Russian authorities to investigate an attack on its staff on 16/9 in Astrakhan. On 22/9 a concert by musician Andrei Makarevich in St. Petersburg on 28/9 was cancelled following his criticism of Russian actions in Ukraine. On 16/9 the Duma proposed limiting foreign shareholding in Russian media outlets to 20%. On 25/9 the Duma approved a bill to expedite new Internet regulations requiring all online companies to store users' data on Russian territory. On 26/9, Russia's media watchdog notified Google, Facebook and Twitter they must register under a law requiring storage of users’ data in Russia.

Right of association
On 3/9 the Justice Ministry added the Moscow-based PIR Center to the "foreign agent" register. On 9/9 Moscow City Court ruled there were no grounds to label Golos a foreign agent. On 8/9 St. Petersburg Soldiers' Mothers appealed to the Justice Ministry to quash its "foreign agent" designation. On 12/9 Moscow City Court dismissed an appeal by Memorial Human Rights Centre against its “foreign agent” designation.

LGBTI rights
On 4/9 the Murmansk Electoral Commission found no violations in a homophobic video by city council deputies. On 2/9 Sergei Aksenov, pro-Russian leader in Crimea said ‘we in Crimea do not need such people,’ referring to sexual minorities. On 25/9 the Constitutional Court ruled the law banning ‘gay propaganda’ to minors constitutional.

Civil society activists, entrepreneurs
On 1/9 prosecutors in Pskov region opened an investigation into a brutal attack on Lev Shlosberg that took place on 29/8. On 3/9 Vladimir artist Sergei Sotov said he was tricked into making statements about the alleged theft of a painting that resulted in a case against Aleksei Navalny. On 10/9 Moscow City Court dismissed an appeal by Navalny against a 30/6 ruling in a defamation case won by Duma lawmaker Igor Rudensky. On 22/9 Moscow City Court upheld the extension of probation for Navalny, under house arrest since 28/3, in the Kirovles case. On 4/9 Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina launched a news service, MediaZona, to focus on law enforcement and prisons. On 16/9 billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov was detained on suspicion of fraud in his 2009 acquisition of Bashneft. On 25/9 Moscow City Court upheld a lower court's decision to hold Yevtushenkov under house arrest until 16/11.

On 8/9 Crimean blogger Elizaveta Bohutskaya was detained for six hours when police searched her home in Simferopol. On 9/9 President Putin fired the Bryansk region governor after a demonstration in Bryansk against Russian actions in Ukraine. On 12/9 Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, said rights violations in Crimea must be addressed. On 15/9 a Voronezh court upheld the detention until 30/10 of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. On 18/9 Crimean Tatar scholar Nadir Bekir was attacked by assailants who took his passport, preventing him travelling to the UN conference on Indigenous Peoples in the US. Four other rights advocates were reportedly also prevented from travelling. On 18/9 Russian authorities impounded the building of the Crimean Tatars' Mejlis. On 19/9 the main Crimean Tatar library in Simferopol said it was to close. On 21/9 tens of thousands marched in Moscow against Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Espionage charges
On 6/9 a Moscow court remanded Estonian security official Eston Kohver in custody for up to two months. On 12/9 Kohver was charged with espionage.

North Caucasus 
On 25/9 police in Makhachkala, Dagestan, killed a militant wanted for his alleged involvement in attacks against law enforcement officers.