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Week-ending 17 April 2015









Open Russia


Right of association
On 15/4 the Centre for Media Rights, an NGO based in Voronezh, was fined 300,000 rubles ($6,000) for failing to register as a ‘foreign agent.’ (The Moscow Times, 16/4)

On 15/4 the Siberian Environment Centre was fined 300,000 rubles ($6,000) for failing to label itself a foreign agent after accepting funding from abroad. (The Moscow Times, 15/4)

Freedom of expression
On 8/4 the government adopted new regulations giving Roskomnadzor powers to exercise surveillance and censorship, allowing the regulator to follow what people write on social networks and private emails. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 14/4)

On 14/4 journalist Ekaterina Kholkina confirmed she had been fired from the Ekaterinburg newspaper Oblastnaya gazeta after writing in an article that the FSB closed down a major museum because of a photography exhibit co-organized by the U.S. Consulate. (The Moscow Times, 14/4)

On 15/4 Reporters Without Borders published its 2014 World Press Freedom Index, placing Russia in 152nd place. (RSF, 15/4) 

On 16/4 Perm prosecutors questioned graffiti artist Aleksandr Zhunev who painted a mural depicting Yury Gagarin crucified on a cross on Orthodox Easter. He may face a year in prison for insulting religious beliefs. (The Moscow Times, 16/4)

On 12/4 Leonid Razvozzhaev, in prison after being convicted of inciting riots at a 2012 opposition rally, was denied permission to attend his mother's funeral. (The Moscow Times, 12/4)

On 14/4 a court convicted Georgy Alburov of theft for removing a piece of street art from a wall in Vladimir and presenting it to his boss, Aleksei Navalny. He was sentence to a month’s community service. (The New York Times, 14/4)

On 15/4 a court in Tambov region rejected imprisoned environmental activist Evgeny Vitishko's request for early release on parole. (RFE/RL, 16/4)

On 16/4 police searched the Moscow offices of Open Russia and confiscated computers. (RFE/RL, 17/4)

On 16/4 Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov was charged with terrorism and illegal weapons possession. (RFE/RL, 16/4)

On 16/4 the European Court of Human Rights found Russia responsible for failing to investigate the death of a civilian bus driver, killed when his vehicle exploded on a bridge over the river Sunzha in Grozny in 2001. (Russian Justice Initiative, 16/4)
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