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January 2015

Liberty, security of person 
On 5/1 Aleksei Navalny ceased complying with the terms of his house arrest and cut off his monitoring tag (on 13/1 the prison service ordered him to pay the cost of the tag). On 16/1 the Investigative Committee questioned Navalny and searched the offices of his Anti-Corruption Foundation. On 27/1 Moscow City Court on appeal extended his house arrest until 14/2. On 9/1 Nadia Savchenko, on hunger strike since 15/12, was placed in solitary confinement; on 12/1 she refused to end her hunger strike. On 29/1 she was charged with illegally crossing the Russian border. On 19/1 Tatar activist Rafis Kashapov, detained in Kazan on hate-crimes charges, began a hunger strike. On 19/1 supporters of Evgeny Vitishko said the Tambov penal colony was holding back letters he had written. On 29/1 Svetlana Davydova was reported held in Lefortovo FSB remand centre on suspicion of treason. On 29/1 investigators detained Crimea mejlis deputy head Akhtem Chiigoz.

Right of assembly 
On 10/1 two demonstrators were detained on Manezh Square for holding "Je suis Charlie" signs (on 16/1 a court sentenced them to 8 days’ jail; on 20/1 the Investigative Committee launched investigations against both men for alleged ‘multiple violation’ of the law on assembly). On 15/1, 13 protesters were arrested in Moscow at a rally in support of Navalny. On 20/1 two Russian artists were jailed for 10 days for a protest at the Lenin Mausoleum on 19/1. On 24/1 three protesters were detained at a permitted protest when they produced a placard with pictures of Putin and Hitler. On 27/1 Moscow City Court jailed participants in a rally in support of Nadia Savchenko.

Freedom of expression 
On 1/1 independent Tomsk TV-2 ended broadcasting after its transmission contract was cancelled. On 9/1 a series of protests were held in Tomsk in support of TV-2. On 13/1 two unidentified men severely beat journalist Sergei Vilkov in Saratov. State media watchdog Roskomnadzor on 16/1 warned national media against publishing cartoons on religious topics; on 21/1 issued warnings to three websites for reposting Charlie Hebdo cartoons; on 26/1 issued warnings to six media outlets for publishing religious-themed cartoons. On 22/1 a court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced jailed blogger Sergei Reznik to three more years in a penal colony, and a subsequent two-year ban on working as a journalist. On 26/1 the FSB and Investigative Committee searched the headquarters of Crimea Tatar language broadcaster ATR.

Right of association 
On 30/12 the Justice Ministry added six more NGOs to the ‘foreign agent’ register. On 5/1 a Volgograd-based NGO said it would appeal against its designation as a "foreign agent". On 14/1 a State Duma Committee recommended passing a bill to ban ‘undesirable’ foreign organizations. On 15/1 the Sakharov Center said it faced a fine under the ‘foreign agent’ law; on 20/1 Committee Against Torture said it would contest its ‘foreign agent’ designation; on 26/1 the Moscow School of Civic Education suspended its work over its designation. On 28/1 the Supreme Court dismissed a suit by the Justice Ministry to close the Russian Memorial Society. On 29/1 the chair of the Human Rights Council denounced attempts to oust the Union of Russian Journalists from its buildings. On 31/1 prosecutors began to inspect the Civic Assistance Committee.

LGBT rights 
On 4/1 a new order, signed by PM Mevedev on 29/12, banned transsexual and transgender people from driving. On 23/1 Elena Klimova, founder of an online support group for LGBT teenagers, was fined for violating the law banning ‘gay propaganda’ to minors.

North Caucasus 
On 1/1 two militants allegedly involved in the 4/12 attack in Grozny were killed during a security operation. On 5/1 a court in Makhachkala, Dagestan, ruled blogger Murad Nurmagomedov be placed in detention on charges of possessing explosives. On 6/1 two policemen and one of their attackers were killed in Khasavyurt, Dagestan.