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Week-ending 16 January 2015

2 detained

13 detained 

1 jailed


Sakharov Centre








Right of assembly
On 10/1 two demonstrators were detained on the capital's Manezh Square as they were holding up "Je suis Charlie" signs. (The Moscow Times, 10/1)

On 15/1 13 opposition protesters were arrested in Moscow at a rally in support of Aleksei Navalny. (The New York Times, 15/1)

On 16/1 a Moscow court sentenced Mark Galperin to 8 days’ jail for holding up a 'Je suis Charlie' poster on 10/1. (RAPSI, 16/1)

Right of association
On 14/1 the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation recommended the Duma pass a bill banning foreign organizations ‘undesirable’ in Russia. (RAPSI, 14/1)

On 15/1 a lawyer acting for the Sakharov Center said the organization faces a fine of up to $7,500 for allegedly violating the ‘foreign agent’ NGO law. (RAPSI, 15/1)

On 15/1 Putin said NGOs should help achieve "common national goals" and not oppose the government. (RFE/RL, 15/1)

Freedom of expression
On 13/1 two unidentified men severely beat Sergei Vilkov, a journalist in Saratov. (RFE/RL, 14/1)

On 16/1 Russian state media watchdog Roskomnadzor warned national media against publishing caricatures on religious topics. (RFE/RL, 13/1; 16/1

In an interview (Izvestiya, 15/1) culture minister Vladimir Medinsky criticized the film Leviathan, while officials consider a ban on films that “defame national culture”. (The Guardian, 16/1)

High profile cases
On 12/1 Nadezhda Savchenko said she will not end the hunger strike she began on 15/12. (RAPSI, 12/1; KHPG, 13/1)

On 13/1 the prison service ordered Aleksei Navalny to pay the 670-ruble cost of the monitoring bracelet he cut off his ankle last week in defiance. (RFE/RL, 14/1)

On 16/1 the Investigative Committee questioned Aleksei Navalny and searched the offices of the Anti-Corruption Foundation he heads. (RFE/RL, RAPSI; 16/1)

From 15/1 Russia will have interest added to the $50 billion fine payable to former investors in defunct oil firm Yukos under the terms of a Hague court ruling. (The Moscow Times, 15/1)

On 12/1 a bill was submitted to the State Duma by lawmakers from Chechnya formally imposing criminal liability on relatives of militants who commit acts of terrorism. (RFE/RL, 13/1)
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